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The right blend of practical and innovative Safety Consulting and Staffing, Workers’ Compensation, Managed Care, Modified Duty, Unemployment, and Employee Benefit solutions tailored to fit your needs.

is the business running you?

Are you constantly stressing over all the rules, regulations, and deadlines that are taking time away from your business?

Like many owners and managers, you’re likely caught up
in the day-to-day whirlwind of operating your business, safeguarding your employees, meeting your goals, and remaining compliant. Your vision for the future may
seem out of reach.

  • Unable to focus on growing your business
  • Struggling to maintain a safe and productive workforce
  • Worrying about ever-changing government compliance

Sheakley keeps its promises.

Unlike other payroll or HR management/PEO companies that make bold claims but fail to deliver, Sheakley’s technology, software, and customer service have never misled us or neglected to satisfy our needs.

Sheakley’s PEO not only reduced innumerable internal labor hours previously invested in HR administration but continues to save us tens of thousands of dollars each year. We couldn’t have imagined better results.

Robert Kot, CFO
Columbus Hospitality

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At Sheakley, we collaborate with our clients and free them from the burden of risk and safety compliance administration so they can
see their vision for business growth fulfilled.

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Assess Your Business Needs

Speak to a risk & safety consultant who understands your industry and your challenges.
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Together we’ll build a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and helps achieve your goals.
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Watch Your Business Thrive

Leverage a protected workforce to refocus on key initiatives and realize your full growth potential.
From safety to compliance & everything in between

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    We are a company of employees in the Construction sector

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    We decided to partner with Sheakley because we felt they were aligned with our company’s growth plans both in our current markets and where we want to be 5-10 years down the road. To date, Sheakley has met all of our expectations. Onboarding was painless. The staff has been quick to respond and answer questions.

    Jason W, VP of Finance, The Model Group