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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Cold weather safety should be important to employers. Taking necessary safety precautions will reduce workplace injuries, resulting in lower claims cost. As temperatures get colder, employers must take precautions to prevent frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration in their employees. Employers must educate their employees on the signs of cold weather related conditions in order to keep [...]

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Quick Tips for Small Businesses: Managing Unemployment Claims

It’s no secret: unemployment claims can be costly. But properly preparing for and expertly managing claims that come through will prevent major headaches in the long run. Consider the following tips to reduce unnecessary unemployment claim payouts and protect your business reputation. Comply with the Law and File On Time Both federal and state laws [...]

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Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training

In an emergency, keeping your employees and customers safe is priority one. With more than two million US workers reporting incidents of workplace violence and 7 deadly active shooter incidents in the workplace in the last 28 months, the tools to prevent and address these disasters in real time have never been more valuable. Nothing [...]

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National Small Business Week

Running your own business can be a challenge. Sheakley is here to help. April 29 to May 5, 2018 marks the 55th annual National Small Business Week. Small business has long been the backbone of the American economy and workforce, employing 48% of the American labor force. The demands of running your own small business [...]

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Is the BWC $15,000 Medical Only Program Right for Your Organization?

Protect your Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Group Rating Discount with the $15K Medical Only Program. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation $15K Medical-Only Program offers employers the opportunity to pay up to the first $15,000 in medical and pharmacy bills for medical only claims. By directly paying the medical expenses, employers may potentially [...]

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Measuring a Successful Return to Work Program

What is the #1 cost driver in Workers’ Compensation claims? When an employee loses time from work, costing your company time and money. What is the most controllable cost in a workers’ compensation claim? Loss time. Statistics show that employees who are off work require more loss time and medical treatment than someone actively working [...]

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The Sheakley Center for Youth Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Lighthouse Youth and Family Services (Lighthouse) has a goal to eliminate youth homelessness in Cincinnati by 2020. They got a little closer to that goal with the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Sheakley Center for youth on December 21. Larry and Rhonda Sheakley were present, along with Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, and other dignitaries, [...]

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Winter Workplace Safety Tips

As the weather changes and the temperatures get colder, the focus for workplace safety may need to shift. A safe workplace is important to employers for many reasons. It will reduce workers’ compensation injuries, which should then result in lower claims cost. As the temperatures drop outside, the focus needs to change in order to maintain a [...]

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What You Need to Know About Holiday Pay, Bonuses and Overtime.

The holiday season is on its way, and many employers are asking themselves questions about holiday pay and bonuses. Is your company aware of the policies your company practices? Company-Observed Holidays Private employers are not obligated to ensure to non-exempt employees paid holidays. But, if your offices are closed on a holiday, your employees should receive [...]

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