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Last Minute W-2 Tips

Like clockwork, it’s once again time to start preparing W-2s for your company. Employees depend on their employers to prepare their W-2s accurately and deliver them as quickly as possible to ensure that they’re able to complete their tax returns quickly and without error. Additionally, the IRS has several rules governing the W-2 process. With [...]

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Resolutions to Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

Workers’ compensation premiums may seem like something business owners have little control over, but the truth is that company leadership can have a significant impact on the overall rate being paid. Taking steps to reduce accidents, combat fraud, and utilize cost-saving discounts are just a few of the resolutions that can help reduce your workers’ [...]

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Retirement Plan Resolutions for the New Year

Planning for a happy, financially-secure retirement is a decades-long process. Most people will spend the majority of their working career planning for their post-work life and taking advantage of workplace retirement tools can be an excellent part of that plan. Demonstrating a commitment to your employees’ long-term financial and life goals not only allows them [...]

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Reducing Drug Use in the Workplace

Drug use continues to be a major concern for business owners, managers, and safety team members. Keeping employees safe in the workplace can be a difficult task, but dealing with employees who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances can add a significant amount of additional complication. If you’re ready to get [...]

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Spend More Time Growing Your SMB

Growing and managing your own small or medium-sized business is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with administrative tasks, balancing risks, and worrying about turnover. By taking over the time-consuming tasks that don’t contribute to your bottom line, your PEO lets you focus more time and energy on growing and maintaining your business. [...]

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Workers’ Comp

Did you know that your third-party administrator (TPA) does a lot more than just help reduce your workers’ compensation stress? Your TPA can also provide you with access to the most beneficial cost containment strategies available to Ohio businesses. By facilitating access to valuable cost-saving programs, your partnership with a TPA can essentially pay for [...]

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Empower Front-line Managers to Succeed

Your front-line managers can be one of your most valuable resources. Often the most vocal and consistent cheerleaders, your front-line managers can be the key to helping your employees succeed and fostering company growth. You trusted them enough to make them managers, so why not empower them to help your regular employees achieve success? Make [...]

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Employee Cold Weather Safety

Beyond being intensely uncomfortable, working outdoors in cold weather can also be extremely dangerous. With the threats of frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, and numbness, employees must be vigilant to avoid the dangers of working outdoors. Here are 5 tips to stay safe when the temperature starts to drop. Layer up Employers should provide proper protective equipment, [...]

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Avoid Holiday PTO Request Woes

The holidays can be a crazy time for companies. From customers eager to tie up loose ends before the end of the year to employees who want to spend time with their families, balancing customer expectations and business demands with paid time off (PTO) requests can be difficult for even the most well-organized business. Instead [...]

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The 3 Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

With an average cost of $40,051 per claim, workers’ comp injuries can be costly for both your employees and your business. As your partner in the workers’ compensation process, your third-party administrator (TPA) can help you keep your premiums in check. Controlling your workers’ comp claims costs is one of the best ways for employers [...]

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