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Better Benefits Attract Better Talent

When you’re going through the benefits selection process, do you talk to your employees about their specific needs or the benefits that are most important to them? With 40 percent of employees saying that having a wide selection of benefits would make them feel more loyal to their employer, it may be time to start [...]

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Working Safely During Summer Heat Waves

Working outdoors on hot days is never pleasant, but as temperatures climb in the summer months the heat and sun can pose serious health risks for your employees. Excessive or long-term exposure to heat without adequate precautions can cause a wide-range of heat-related illnesses and issues. Dozens of outdoor workers die and thousands become ill [...]

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3 Cost-Saving Strategies for Workers’ Comp

When it comes to protecting your company’s bottom line, your third-party administrator (TPA) is a valuable partner in keeping your workers’ compensation costs in check. Your TPA not only offers you access to valuable cost-saving opportunities, they also provide training and educational opportunities to help you keep your team safer and your workers’ comp costs [...]

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Women’s 3 Biggest Retirement Concerns

Every worker worries how to manage their retirement, however women often face an uphill battle when it comes to preparing for retirement. Women typically take on additional responsibilities than their male counterparts, resulting in lost wages, fewer years of work, and lower retirement income. These responsibilities combined with other issues can often place women in [...]

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The Benefits of Shared Employment

Did you know that you can retain management control of your business while simultaneously reducing the administrative burden of employment-related tasks? Having more time to devote to your business seems too good to be true. Shared employment not only frees you to grow your business, it also lets you offer better benefits to your employees [...]

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Help Employees Maximize Their FSAs

Healthcare is one of the single greatest out-of-pocket expenses for many American families. Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow employees to set aside funds pre-tax to cover common medical, dental, and vision expenses that they would normally pay out of pocket. These accounts cover things like insurance deductibles, co-payments for doctor visits, medical equipment, eyeglasses, [...]

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Building a Multi-Generational Workforce

With older Americans working longer and younger people constantly entering the workplace, it’s more important than ever for owners and managers to focus on building a positive multi-generational workforce to help their businesses grow and succeed. Acknowledging the unique skills, values, talents, and strengths that each group can provide will help you foster an atmosphere [...]

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Retention & Retirement Benefits Go Hand-in-Hand

While many employers view younger generations as job hoppers, planning for retirement is just as important to them as it is to other workers. In a highly-competitive labor market, offering the right benefits can give you an advantage in attracting and retaining top talent - and retirement plans often top the list of benefits employees [...]

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Spring Safety Tips for the Construction Site

Along with warmer weather and yard work, the spring season brings frequent rainfall and the possibility of pop-up thunderstorms and lightning. On busy construction sites, the unique dangers that spring weather poses to the safety of workers and site visitors can not be underestimated. From an increased likelihood of slips and falls to the risks [...]

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Keep Employees Engaged While Working Remotely

When employees work outside of the workplace, especially those who aren’t accustomed to working remotely, it can be difficult for them to maintain a sense of engagement with their employer. Outside of daily tasks and basic work functions, they can quickly begin to feel disconnected and demoralized. Keeping employees engaged while working remotely may take [...]

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