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OSHA Questions and Answers

Keeping your employees safe is OSHA’s business. With more than 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2016, the work of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration remains as important as ever for American workers. Learn more about the agency tasked with keeping your employees safe. What is OSHA? The federal agency known as [...]

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For the Record: Employee Recordkeeping

How many hours per week do you, your managers, or your human resources team spend on employee recordkeeping? Maintaining employee files while ensuring that each one is up to date and properly stored can be a major drain on your time - time that could be spent focusing on growing your business. Noncompliance with government [...]

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Be Prepared with First Aid & CPR Training

Whether the workplace setting is an office, a construction site, or anywhere else, there is always a risk of injury or accident. When an incident occurs, every second counts. Preparing your employees to handle these situations can help injured workers get critical care sooner and prevent further injury. Providing First Aid & CPR Training for [...]

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Navigating Workplace Romances

With the average employee spending more than a third of their life at work, it’s almost inevitable that at least a few workplace romances will develop between individuals in any given business. While these relationships may seem benign on the surface, there are a number of pitfalls that can follow in their wake. Here are [...]

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5 Ways to Decrease Workplace Accidents

While some workplace accidents happen completely by chance, many are completely avoidable. Preventing all accidents in the workplace may not be possible, but there are many steps that employers and managers can take to reduce their frequency. Here are 5 ways to decrease accidents and increase safety in the workplace. #1: Discourage Shortcuts In a [...]

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Answers to Common PEO Questions

Working with a professional employer organization (PEO) provides many benefits for small and medium-sized businesses across all industries. To make the most of the PEO-client relationship, it’s important for SMB owners and managers to know as much as possible about their PEO and how the relationship works. Here are the answers to your biggest PEO [...]

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Combating Workers’ Comp Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud affects everyone and can be committed by any party in the workers’ comp system. The single most common type of fraud, known as claimant fraud, occurs when an employee knowingly makes a fraudulent claim. Since workers may commit fraud for any number of reasons, workers’ comp fraud can be difficult to identify. [...]

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Real Talk About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue. While sexual harassment in the workplace has been a topic of discussion for decades, the issue persists across all industries and all age groups. Unfortunately, sexual harassment training and conversations often revolve around “how not to get the company sued” rather than protecting victims and preventing future incidents. Effective [...]

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Fresh Safety Meeting Topics

Safety meetings are an excellent opportunity for supervisors, managers, and safety leaders to provide updates about workplace safety concerns, industry topics, and other information to employees within the company. However, when the same topics are hashed out year after year, the effectiveness of safety meetings can quickly diminish. Mix up your safety meetings with these [...]

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Common Misconceptions About PEOs

While many companies have long relied on the assistance of professional employer organizations (PEOs) to alleviate the stress of human resource management and offer their employees better benefits, many misconceptions still persist about these organizations. While a complete consultation with a high-quality PEO can answer any questions you may have, here is the truth behind [...]

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