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Potential tax hike for employers & employees in Ohio unemployment fund proposal

In order to provide support for Ohio's unemployment-compensation fund, lawmakers have proposed raising taxes for employers and employees. It's a five-part proposal that would allow the fund to become solvent by 2025, and could allow more unemployed, low-wage workers to become eligible for benefits. The new proposal includes features such as a decline in employer tax [...]

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Quick Guide: Workers’ Comp Group Rating vs Group Retro

For Ohio employers, the group rating and group retrospective rating (or group retro) programs allow employers that are similar in business type to combine their individual claims to act as one employer and achieve lower premiums. There are two ways savings are calculated: Upfront, with group rating; Look-back, with group retro. What's the difference? Group [...]

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Governor Kasich Names New Administrator and CEO of BWC

This week, John Kasich named Sarah Morrison as the new administrator and CEO of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC). Since Steve Buehrer's departure, she has been serving in the position in an interim capacity, overseeing all Ohio employers. Morrison joined the bureau in 2012 as chief legal officer and was previously named an Ohio Rising [...]

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What Small Businesses Need to Know About 401k Testing

ERISA requires a certain set of tests to be performed yearly on every 401(k) plan to confirm that they do not discriminate in favor of Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs) and that IRS contribution limits aren't being exceeded. The testing is likely to happen at the close of a plan year. Many companies outsource this work to [...]

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Which would you choose: health or wealth?

Everyone has a ranking system for the most important things in their lives. Where do you think most participants rank their 401(k) investments? In a recent nationwide survey commissioned by Schwab Retirement Plan Services, it was found that many people would consider their investments more important than their health. Of those surveyed, 73% would trade [...]

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