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Safety Considerations for Workers in Return to Work Programs

Ella Baker
Safety Considerations for MDOS
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Published on Jan 25

Modified duty off-site (MDOS) programs allow injured workers to return to work faster through temporary off-site job placements, typically with nonprofit agencies in the community that the business serves and workers live. MDOS helps employees maintain a productive work lifestyle while transitioning back to their regular jobs. Since these employees are recovering from injury, here are some special safety considerations for MDOS workers and the agencies where the worker has been placed.

Ask before changing assignments

MDOS case managers work closely with health care providers to understand the limitations of duty placed on participating workers. Our MDOS case managers will also meet with your injured worker and the nonprofit agency to discuss the potential placement, ensure that the agency understands the work-related limitations placed on the worker by their doctor, set up a regular work schedule for the worker, and work with the nonprofit throughout the placement to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Workers in the MDOS program can be assigned to a variety of positions within the agency, as long as they are approved by the case manager.

Stay on top of housekeeping

MDOS placements allow injured employees the opportunity to get back to work while being mindful of their restrictions and gaining valuable skills. However, when an employee is already injured, it’s important to take precautions to prevent additional injury or re-injury. Since many workplace accidents are the result of poor housekeeping, when an MDOS program worker is assigned to an agency, it’s important to be especially mindful of workplace cleanliness. Ensure that all spills are cleaned up immediately and that wet floor signs are posted. Additionally, keep walkways clear of clutter and ensure that items are stored on shelves are kept at safe heights.

Don’t overdo it

With MDOS workers recovering from injury, it’s important that they don’t overexert themselves during their assignments or attempt to do activities that haven’t been cleared by the case manager. Supervisors at the nonprofit placement site should be fully informed of the limitations placed on the workers assigned to them and instructed to notify the case manager if the worker attempt activities that haven’t been approved.

MDOS and Sheakley

Our Modified Duty Off-Site Services program provides a return to work solution for employers who struggle with accommodating light duty work restrictions. We assist our clients by temporarily placing disabled workers with nonprofit organizations using our national network. This promotes expedited return to work, which reduces overall employment and claims costs. It also allows employees to stay engaged and productive during their disability period.

Utilizing state of the art technology, Sheakley’s experts are able to identify work assignments that meet your employee’s work restrictions and that are convenient for their location. Sheakley has a 99 percent placement success rate, with most placements occurring within 24 to 48 hours after referral. Individual attention from a Nurse Case Manager is also given during the placement appointment to review program details with your employee and to ensure that the nonprofit understands and accommodates all physical work restrictions.

Schedule your free consultation today with our MDOS experts today. Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on all things Sheakley and following us on social media. Have you seen, or taken into account, any other safety considerations for MDOS workers? Join in the discussion by commenting below.

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