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Did You Know About These 9 FSA Reimbursements?

Sarah Thomas
9 FSA Expenses You May Not Know About
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Published on Apr 14

With what seems to be the ever-changing healthcare industry and what can sometimes be misinformation, it’s understandable that we don’t always know what we can use our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for and what we can’t. Though some of these may seem obvious, I am the first to admit that I typically only think to use my FSA card when I’m at the doctor’s office and pharmacy. But don’t pay out of pocket when you could be using that money you’ve set aside for these legitimate FSA expenses.

9 FSA-Eligible Expenses You Might Not Have Thought Of

  1. Guide dogs/service animals
  2. Braille reading material
  3. Wigs
  4. Smoking cessation programs

Read the rest in DataPath’s “FSA Reimbursement: 9 Qualified Expenses You May Not Know About.”

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