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Automation and Human Resources

Ella Baker
Automation and Human Resources
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Published on Aug 2

Identifying tasks that can be automated

Embracing the automation of HR tasks can help companies become more efficient and streamlined. Automation can allow your HR management professionals to harness the power of your business’ workflow, allowing for faster collection, creation, and update of data, smoothing the hiring and payroll processes, and making benefits management easier.

Identify tasks for automation

While many of the tasks and functions of an HR department rely on less tangible soft skills and emotional intelligence, there are many quantitative skills involved in these positions particularly when it comes to the completion of more repetitive tasks. These types of tasks are ripe for automation – freeing your HR staff up for more critical functions.

HR inquiries

Many HR professionals spend an inordinate amount of time each day handling basic inquiries from employees. Rather than spending 40 to 70 percent of their day answering questions about internal policies regarding sick days, health insurance, or retirement benefits, investing some time in creating a centralized database for your policies and procedures can free up your HR team to handle more critical functions. Workflow processes are greatly simplified when the information that your employees need is readily accessible to them.

Recruitment and screening

Recruitment and hiring are another portion of your HR team’s job duty that can benefit from automation. Automating hiring requests can put an end to miscommunication between HR and department managers, while providing a real-time view of the hiring process.

In addition to hiring requests, automation can also significantly reduce the amount of paperwork your HR team has to deal with. New hire workflows and the onboarding process are greatly improved by automation, reducing the processing time for each new hire. Automation allows you to easily deliver policies, procedures, benefits paperwork, and all other necessary information to employees. While reducing the worry about missed paperwork or deadlines, automation can decrease the initial onboarding process from days to hours.


A quality HR automation system will allow your team to more easily track when employees become eligible for benefits enrollment and when updates are needed. Rather than tracking paperwork deadlines and dates on a calendar, automation ensures that your HR team will never miss benefits deadlines again. Additionally, information can be used to automatically update your employees’ payroll and personnel records.

Timesheets and payroll

Payroll and timesheet processing can be time-consuming for your HR team. By automating time entry, approval processes, and adopting a payroll processing service, your human resources staff will be able to more quickly and efficiently complete these tasks.

Payroll has traditionally entailed spending time manually entering data from paper time sheets to complete payroll. With automated timesheets and payroll processing, your HR staff can easily complete payroll in a matter of hours rather than days.

Automate with Sheakley’s Human Capital Management application

Sheakley’s easy to use Human Capital Management (HCM) application allows your HR department to begin automating many of these tasks. Complete with Payroll Processing Services, Time and Labor Management, Employee Onboarding tools, ACA Management and online Benefits Enrollment, your HR staff will be able to accomplish more tasks more quickly thanks to the time-saving benefits of the Sheakley HCM application. The program also allows employers and employees to access and update employee information at anytime from anywhere. W-2s are automatically available to employees at the end of the year and employees can access up-to-date PTO accruals at any time. This fast and easy to install complete payroll administration solution offers everything from payroll processing to electronic tax filing, while helping you manage costs and automate basic HR functions.

Schedule your free consultation to discuss Sheakley’s HCM application today. You can also learn more about how Sheakley’s Human Resources Outsourcing Solutions can help you begin to automate many of your HR functions. Stay up-to-date on all things Sheakley by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media. Join in the discussion by commenting below.

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