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Empower Front-line Managers to Succeed

Ella Baker
Empower Front-line Managers to Succeed
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Published on Dec 10

Your front-line managers can be one of your most valuable resources. Often the most vocal and consistent cheerleaders, your front-line managers can be the key to helping your employees succeed and fostering company growth. You trusted them enough to make them managers, so why not empower them to help your regular employees achieve success?

Make meetings less exclusive

How often do you include front-line management in your strategic planning sessions and high-level planning meetings? They have firsthand knowledge and experience that can inform your process and decision-making in ways that can be a real game-changer for your company.

By opening up your meetings to include front-line managers, you bring a new perspective and voice to your managerial decision-making process. They handle most of the major day-to-day tasks that make your business a success, so trust their voices when it comes to the meeting room too.

Treat them like managers

Front-line managers are often treated too much like regular employees – to the detriment of their own growth as leaders in your company. Empowering your front-line managers to act like managers allows your company to react quickly to changes in real-time.

Your front-line managers are often the first to recognize the potential within every employee. Some employees may have hidden talents or certain traits that are better suited to other assignments than those they were hired to fulfill. When your front-line managers are able to act like the managers they are, they can restructure jobs and assignments on the fly to best suit the needs of the company and the talents of each employee. Check out Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent for more tips on finding the right talent to meet your goals.

Actively listen

How many times have you completed an employee questionnaire or survey only to feel like your input was ignored? When human resources or higher-level management asks for feedback from front-line managers, it’s critical that you listen to their input and implement ideas whenever possible.

Employ the changes or methods that front-line managers recommend when they make sense for your company – and make sure that you provide recognition for those managers that made recommendations. When you choose not to act on a suggestion, explain why you made that decision so that front-line managers don’t think their input is being ignored.

Tips you can trust

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