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HR Trends for 2019

Ella Baker
Look Out for These HR Trends for 2019
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Published on Nov 8

Human resources is an ever evolving world of compliance, trends, and topics that you have to work diligently to stay on top of. With the rapid changes in the workforce and HR trends in the last few years, it looks like the HR trends for 2019 are shaping up to stay the course as another game-changing year. Keep your company ahead of the game by learning more about the HR trends you should look out for in 2019

No more 9 to 5

By 2020, it’s estimated that approximately 50% of the U.S workforce will work as freelancers in some capacity (either full-time or as a second job) – and HR departments are finally getting used to the fact that job roles are becoming more transient. What was once seen as a side hustle or gig is quickly shifting into a serious and respectable industry that many companies are clamoring to become part of.

Companies can save money and still work with skilled talent on an as-needed or project basis. Rather a solely relying on a set number of workers with their finite skills set, HR departments of 2019 will embrace an ever-expanding network of high-quality and passionate freelance talent to take on projects that traditional workers aren’t able to. This shift toward embracing freelancers will also require companies think more creatively about developing a relationship-oriented strategy to engage freelance talent – demonstrating that their culture and values are a match for the passions of the freelancers they’re seeking.

Moving off-site

With 85 percent of millennials preferring the flexibility of a job with telecommuting options, the remote workforce is likely to see significant growth in 2019 as well – especially as millennials become a more dominate force in the workplace. These remote working options will necessitate the need for technological solutions that enable employees to feel connected and for managers to maintain an eye on productivity and project statuses.

Gamification of HR

Gaming culture will move into the workforce in 2019 as well as HR begins using triggers to motivate employees to deliver their best performance. Often loyalty programs in disguise, this gamification will include chart scores, leaderboards, and achievement badges. Not only does gamification create a fun work environment that encourages employees to tackle issues with zeal, it also reinforces team management and synergy – both key components of the all-important employee engagement game.

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