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New Year Recruiting Trends

Ella Baker
New Year Recruiting Trends
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Published on Jan 6

Human resources and recruiting are continually evolving. With a growing crop of younger talent, traditional recruiting practices are being cast aside to create a more inclusive workplace. Staying on top of the latest recruiting trends this new year can help you capture the attention of top talent before you begin targeting them for hire. Here are three new year recruiting trends you should adopt.

Engage in Employer Branding

Your employer brand is your company’s reputation conveyed to potential and current employees. It should show your mission, values, culture, personality, and communicate your company is a good employer and an ideal place to work. Having a positive employer brand helps with talent recruitment and employee retention.

With 75 percent of job seekers researching a company’s employment reputation, before applying for a position, your employer brand has never been more vital to your recruiting efforts. If your company suffers from a bad reputation, you may find yourself not only struggling to attract candidates but also struggling to keep the employees you currently have.

Develop a Recruiting Talent Pool

Having a database where your recruiters and HR managers store their top job candidates is vital to recruitment success. Your talent pool can serve to reduce your hiring time and help you develop relationships with talent before they’re hired. This will help boost retention once they’re on staff.

When you bring on a gold medal candidate, put your silver and bronze medalists into your database. If your management belongs to professional networking organizations related to your industry, encourage them to talk to potential future candidates and seek out resumes from interested parties, and include them in your talent pool. The next time you need to fill an open position, you’ll have a pool of talent to choose from. This can save you valuable time and effort on recruiting.

Make Recruiting a Team Effort

Imagine knowing that every new hire you make will be a great fit professionally and personally with your existing team. Collaborative hiring encourages both your HR team and members of the department you’re hiring for, to work together to interview and hire talent. This type of hiring improves the quality of hires and helps reduce turnover.

Include team members in the selection process by allowing them to review candidate applications and resumes. Be sure to redact personal information like addresses, telephone numbers, and social security numbers. Collaborative hiring allows your HR team and other employees to ensure that your new hire will be the best fit.

Stay Relevant

With the changing workforce, your HR department has to work harder than ever to keep your company relevant. Remaining on top of emerging recruiting trends can be time-consuming, but we can help. Learn more about Sheakley’s PEO and Human Resources Outsourcing Solutions and contact us for your free consultation today.

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