Employee Driven Culture

Some owners or managers might be hesitant at first, but an employee-driven culture model is often the most successful and highest achieving model. An employee-driven culture allows all team members to contribute to the management and execution of goals. As your team works together to reach a goal or to tackle an issue, they begin to develop a greater sense of camaraderie and togetherness, and individuals feel they add and gain more value throughout the process. Most of the time, this type of culture isn’t dictated or recommended – it happens organically as you and your team come to know and trust one another and your collective instinct to take the company forward.


Employee-driven culture is based on teamwork. Rather than individuals performing work in a silo, managers of companies that adopt this model must think in a team mentality. Encouraging collaboration and partnership whenever possible is vital to the success of the culture.

One successful strategy is to create teams within departments. These teams can work collaboratively to achieve goals. Rather than working their day away on individual tasks, these teams regularly communicate and get together for the completion of an assignment.

To avoid creating silos, encourage employees to develop a cross-functional employee council with a representative from each team included. This will prevent breakdowns in communication across the company – ensuring that everyone stays informed and is working toward the same goals, while completing their team assignments.

Encourage idea sharing

Empower your employees to speak up and share their ideas. Sometimes the best ideas for how to improve your business comes from those on the front lines. Equipping your employees with the voice to share their ideas can help your business grow and become more profitable.

Establish an open-door policy that makes your employees feel comfortable bringing their ideas to the table. When employees feel something isn’t working or that the business could benefit from changes, they must have a way of conveying their concerns. For employees who are more comfortable remaining anonymous, consider offering anonymous online submissions or a suggestion box in a break room or in each department.

Learn from experience of others

Odds are good that your employees have worked in other companies or industries before coming to your company. Use that diversity of experience to your advantage and encourage the sharing of new ideas based on that experience to help improve your business.

Encouraging employees to share ideas based on their prior experience allows for a greater breadth of knowledge about your industry and gives your employees a reason to be even more committed to your company. Knowing that you value their contribution and their experience will allow your employees to be more engaged with your business and dedicated to its success.

Workplace culture and Sheakley

Encouraging your employees to work collaboratively to share experience and ideas offers an exciting and positive contribution to your business. The genuine insights that your employees bring to the table can help you and them achieve the goals you’ve worked together to set for your business. Sheakley’s HR Outsourcing and PEO division can help you develop strategies to ensure the success of your staff.

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