Is the BWC $15,000 Medical Only Program Right for Your Organization?

Protect your Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Group Rating Discount with the $15K Medical Only Program. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation $15K Medical-Only Program offers employers the opportunity to pay up to the first $15,000 in medical and pharmacy bills for medical only claims. By directly paying the medical expenses, employers may potentially lower their workers’ compensation premiums and maintain an EMR below 1.0.

Employer Enrolled in the $15k Program Employer NOT Enrolled in the $15k Program
Expected Loss = $14,084 Expected Loss = $14,084
Claims Cost= $0 Claims Cost= $12,000
Group Discount= 53% Group Discount= Not Eligible
EMR= 0.47 EMR= 1.36
Annual Premiums= $8,986 Annual Premiums= $25,985

With Sheakley’s $15K Medical Bill Re-Pricing Service, we will review and re-price the medical bills to the BWC fee schedule, supply vouchers for each medical bill, and provide an annual financial analysis and customized reports. Contact Sheakley to see if this program is right for you.

Read more about the Ohio BWC $15K Medical Bill Program.

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