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Published on May 10

Tasked by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) with providing medical management of workers’ comp claims, ensuring injured workers receive appropriate care, and keeping claim costs down, Sheakley UniComp works to provide top-notch service that is second to none. While we offer letters of recommendation to all potential clients, we know that personal stories can tell you much more than a letter ever could. Here are just a few success stories from this past year.

Treating the whole person

After beginning treatment for depression, an injured worker was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s in September of 2019. Due to the effects of the disease and without family in the area to provide assistance, the injured worker was having issues with remembering appointments. Sheakley UniComp’s case manager assigned to the injured worker helped the worker set reminders for medications and appointments, to use post-it notes to keep track of notes and important information, and ensured that medication for blister packaged for morning and evening.

Additionally, the case manager helped the injured worker get in touch with the council on aging in their area for ongoing assistance. Sheakley UniComp understands that every claim is different and that every injured worker requires a unique level of assistance, that’s why we believe in looking beyond just the medical needs to treat the whole person.

Communication is key

For the last couple of years, Sheakley UniComp has been working with an injured worker who has had multiple shoulder surgeries and continues to have persistent pain and deficits. During this time the injured worker has been working on and off.

After yet another procedure a few months ago, the injured worker expressed a desire for his physician to release him to return to regular, full-time employment. When the injured worker spoke with his physician, he felt that the provider was telling him he had permanent restrictions. This left the injured worker unsure how to navigate returning to work with his same employer.

Sheakley UniComp spoke with the injured worker and explained that he could ask his physician to order a Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) to determine if he had permanent restrictions. Once the FCE was completed at the request of the worker, the physician was able to relay the details of the permanent restrictions to Sheakley UniComp and the employer. The original employer was able to accommodate the restrictions and today the worker is successfully working full duty, with his same employer, in the same job he held prior to his injury.

Keeping you informed

A Sheakley UniComp case manager, decided to send weekly claim updates to a large school district. At first, they were not convinced that these reports would benefit their program. After 5 months of receiving weekly updates, the employer is a true believer in being kept up to date on claim progress. The employer stated how beneficial the report is since it gives them a quick glance at the current working issues. They can also use the information to cut and paste into a larger report for recordkeeping.

A proactive approach

On a recent claim, another case manager for Sheakley UniComp, worked with an injured worker who had been taken off work for 30 days due to an injury. After speaking with the employer about the possibility of a light-duty assignment, the case manager asked the employer to complete a Job Demands Analysis (JDA). The JDA was then sent to the healthcare provider. After reviewing the JDA, the provider released the injured worker to return to light-duty after only 6 days. By proactively pursuing a return to work strategy to benefit both the injured worker and the employer, Sheakley UniComp was able to shave 24 days off the lost-time claim.

An MCO partner you can trust

Taking care of your employees and keeping your claims costs down are our top priorities. MCO open enrollment is in full swing, take advantage of this time and make sure you are partnered with an MCO that fits your business’s needs.

Fill out our MCO Open Enrollment form to select Sheakley UniComp as your MCO.

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