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Early Injury Reporting

Andrea Kiener
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Published on Aug 11

To report an injury early for your Ohio workers’ compensation claims, can not only save days away from work for your employees, but can also save you money on your premiums.

In the State of Ohio, a claim is a medical only claim for the first seven days. During these early stages of the claim, it is crucial for your Managed Care Organization (MCO) to have as much data about the claim as possible. This allows quicker access to relevant medical information which helps staff review and determine the best ways to manage the claim going forward. It also allows for strategic planning regarding return-to-work options in an attempt to prevent the claim from turning into a lost time claim, which will happen when the injured employee misses 8 or more days from work. Once a claim moves into a lost time status, it becomes much costlier for employers.

Employee Benefits from Early Reporting

Early injury reporting also ensure your injured employee has the support they need to feel confident in their care. Your MCO can reach out to them right away to address any concerns or questions they may have and help coordinate treatment.

Employer Benefits from Early Reporting

You, the employer, also will have the assistance and support you need through the claims process. Your MCO will be able to coordinate return to work planning, update you regarding the medical treatment and the status of your injured worker while helping you understand the process.

Methods of Injury Reporting

There are several different methods available to report an Ohio workers’ compensation claim

  1. Telephonic
  2. Electronic/email
  3. On-line submission

It is important that you work with your MCO to determine the best fit for your company so the injuries can be reported immediately.

Any delay in reporting an injury can turn a simple injury into a claim that is much more involved and cost your company more in premiums.

An MCO partner like Sheakley UniComp can guide you and your workers through the confusing world of workers’ compensation. We can help you understand more about the BWC and its processes. Your MCO serves both the best interests of your company and your employees by keeping your workers’ compensation costs down and returning injured employees to work quickly.

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