Early reporting of workers’ compensation injuries can save your employees time away from work while saving your company money on your annual premiums. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) recognizes claims as medical-only claims for the first seven days. During this early phase, it is important that you share as much information about the claim as possible with your Managed Care Organization (MCO) to allow our professional staff to review the claim and determine how to best manage the claim. Early reporting also allows your MCO to begin planning early return to work options for your injured employee. Prevent your medical-only claim from becoming a much more serious and costlier lost-lost time claim by reporting workers’ compensation injuries early and working with your MCO to begin strategically planning for the management of all claims immediately.

Employee benefits

Early injury reporting can also ensure your injured employee has the support they need to feel confident in their care. Your MCO can reach out to them right away to address any concerns or questions they have and help coordinate immediate treatment.

When employees’ medical needs are met in the immediate aftermath of an injury, they are able to return to work more quickly. Employees who are able to take part in early return to work programs typically have better long-term health outcomes. Additionally, knowing that they have an employer who cares about their health will lead to a more dedicated and loyal workforce.

Employer benefits

Your MCO will help you understand the claims process, providing you with the assistance and support you need through the claims process. In addition to coordinating return to work planning, your MCO will update you regarding medical treatment and the status of your injured worker.

Since claims are considered medical-only for the first seven days, your company can save on workers’ compensation premium costs by dealing with claims early. The cost of claims can increase each day it is not reported. According to a study by the Hartford Financial Service Group, claims reported 7-14 days after the injury cost 18% more than those filed within a week of the injury, and after 15-28 days and the costs jump 30%.

Your MCO is here to help

There are several different methods available to report an Ohio workers’ compensation claim, including telephone, email, and online submission options. Working with your MCO to identify and determine the best fit for your company so that injuries can be reported immediately can help you control your workers’ compensation premiums, ensure employees receive the care they need sooner, and get them back to work earlier.

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