Ohio employers are faced with some difficult tasks when it comes to their Ohio workers’ compensation programs. Especially when it comes to getting an injured worker back to work. Studies show that the longer an injured employee is off work, the more difficult it is for them to return to work. That is why early intervention and return to work are so crucial. Not to mention the impact lost days has on a business’s premiums and production.

Utilize the Programs Available
In Ohio, there are many programs available to employers to facilitate return to work for injured employees. Your Managed Care Organization (MCO) can assist you with these programs, such as:

  • Creating a modified duty position.
    – If the injured employee isn’t able to return to their full duty position because of restrictions, work with your MCO to create a modified duty position that can accommodate the restrictions placed on the injured worker.
  • Developing and implementing a Transitional Work Program (TWP).
    – A TWP is designed to transition the injured worker back to their full duty position. This program can be created internally, and your MCO can help you create it. Or the employer can utilize a professional to create and develop the TWP.
  • Utilizing a non-profit organization for return to work when you are unable to accommodate restrictions.
    – If you are unable to accommodate the restrictions placed on the injured employee, there are times employers utilize non-profit organizations for return to work. The non-profit agencies typically can accommodate even some of the most limiting restrictions, and is another option to help get the injured person back to work.
  • Vocational rehabilitation especially when the injured employee is unable to return to their normal position.
    – To utilize vocational rehabilitation, the claim must be a lost time claim.
    – Vocational rehabilitation offers many services, including but not limited to:
    1. Job retention
    2. Job placement
    3. Job search
    4. Work hardening
    5. On the job training
    6. Transferable skills analysis
    7. Job development

Lost time/days is the one factor that has the most impact on Ohio workers’ compensation premiums. Therefore, it is essential that all the tools and strategies available are used as quickly and as often as possible. Work with the experts at your Ohio MCO to ensure you are utilizing all the options available to your injured employees, for a safe and timely return to work.