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MCO Qualifying Questions

MCO Qualifying Questions
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Published on May 5

The BWC allows Ohio employers to choose a new MCO every two years during MCO Open Enrollment. During this time, it is important to choose the right Managed Care Organization (MCO) for your company. Your MCO partner is invaluable in helping your injured workers get the care they need, while also helping you control the costs of your claims. With us in the middle of MCO Open Enrollment, here are a few questions you should ask to help you select the right MCO partner for your company.

How quickly do you get an injured worker back to work?

While no MCO can give you an exact time estimate for returning an injured worker to work, your MCO should approach every claim with the ultimate goal of returning workers to active employment as soon as possible.

Sheakley UniComp’s case managers identify non-profit return-to-work assignments with the original employer, and transitional work assignments to allow injured employees to remain productive. Communicating with the medical provider, injured worker, employer, and other parties throughout the claims process allows Sheakley UniComp to act quickly when an employee is medically cleared to return to work with restrictions, and when they are medically cleared to return to regular employment.

What strategies do you use to help an injured employee return to work?

No return-to-work strategy will be suitable for every situation. Sheakley UniComp utilizes a combination of non-profit return to work, transitional work assignments, light-duty assignments, and on-site modified duty options to facilitate the safe return to work of injured employees.

For employers in industries such as construction and manufacturing, that find accommodating injuries particularly difficult, our non-profit return-to-work programs offer solutions to limit lost-time claims. This program places injured workers with a local non-profit. The employee is able to return to work, and the employer pays the injured worker’s salary with the lost-time portion of the claim effectively coming to an end.

How can your MCO help my business save money on my workers’ compensation premiums?

Since this year’s claims are the basis of next year’s premiums, Sheakley UniComp’s effective medical management of your claims can have a significant impact on your future premiums. Sheakley UniComp’s extensive provider network provides our clients with access to rates up to 20% below the BWC fee schedule. Our return-to-work strategies enable your injured workers to get back to work quickly, reducing costly lost-time claim costs.

Additionally, our drug utilization review procedures help mitigate the likelihood of drug abuse following an injury.

List three medical providers located near my business.

Your MCO can have a substantial impact on the medical costs of your workers’ comp claims. Sheakley UniComp’s network of medical providers ensures that our clients and their injured workers always have access to high-quality providers with years of experience handling workers’ comp injuries. Sheakley UniComp negotiates provider rates for our clients that are far below the current BWC fee schedule. Lower medical costs mean less impact on the employer’s experience rating factor and, in turn, controls premium increases.

Can I get a few references?

Sheakley UniComp provides a minimum of 3 references from our clients for prospective clients to contact. In addition to letters of recommendation, we encourage prospective clients to contact our references to ask questions and gain additional insight into the service that Sheakley UniComp provides.

Now is the time to pick a new MCO, and picking the right MCO for your business is essential. Learn more about Sheakley UniComp to see if we are the right fit for you.

Fill out our Open Enrollment Form to select Sheakley UniComp as your MCO partner.

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