When an injury happens in the workplace, many employers allow the injured worker to choose where to seek treatment. However, your company should establish a relationship with a preferred provider for your workplace accidents. There are many benefits to a preferred provider relationship, which can affect the treatment plan, return to work, and/or the outcome of the claim.

Benefits of a Physician Relationship

  • Your company will be able to set up protocol specific to your business
    • Your company will be able to set up protocol specific to your business.
    • Drug testing
    • Return to work options and strategies
  • The physician(s) will be more familiar with your business operations and thus, with the potential types of injuries your company could experience
    • The physician or a representative should tour your facility
    • The physician can make recommendations to help prevent injuries
  • Streamline Process
    • The physician’s office should be familiar with the State workers’ compensation process
    • The physician’s office should be familiar with what is needed to file claims and any other paperwork needed regarding the treatment plan
    • You want a physician that is familiar with workers’ compensation, there shouldn’t be any delays in treatment because of incorrect forms and/or paperwork
    • A physician that is familiar to the system is a benefit to your employee by getting the correct forms and paperwork into the MCO in a timely fashion, which should help the claim move along with minimal or no delays
  • Easier resolution if an issue should arise
    • Because of the relationship you have established, it will help if any issues or problems happen with the process or treatment of an employee

Treating physician’s play a vital role in every workers’ compensation claim. It is imperative that your company along with your Managed Care Organization (MCO) work with the physician of record to ensure positive outcomes for your claims.

If you need help to establish a preferred provider relationship, contact Sheakley to assist your company in this process.