Donna is a nurse Case Manager with Sheakley UniComp, our Managed Care Organization (MCO). She’s about to celebrate her 32nd year as a nurse in May of this year. “Donna has a great relationship with her clients…and is always trying to find ways to meet the goals of both the employer and the injured worker,” boasts her manager.

This was lived out recently when Donna was assigned a claim where an injured worker suffered an open fracture of his right lower leg. The injured worker (we know this is an impersonal way to reference him, but we of course can’t share his name) went through many different treatment options, suffered several infections and eventually had to undergo a complete traumatic amputation between his knee and ankle. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult situation for him to experience. Donna worked closely with the employer, the injured worker and his physicians. After the amputation in this past Fall, the injured worker was scheduled to be off from work completely until the end of 2016. Donna, however, using her creative thinking, was able to coordinate a modified duty early return to work. The injured employee was very hesitant about returning to work. With Donna’s guidance and encouragement, he did in fact return to work more than three months earlier than initially planned to a modified duty position! The injured employee was very appreciative of Donna’s assistance and expertise. He expressed to Donna that she had “seen him at his worst and now at his best.”

Donna not only displayed great case management and collaboration regarding this claim, she helped coordinate an early return to work date which saved the employer months of lost time. Lost days is the one factor that has the most impact on Ohio workers’ compensation premiums.