Employers experience many different injuries in the workplace, however some can be prevented. Your Ohio Managed Care Organization (MCO) can help you identify preventable injuries, and provide tips on how they could be prevented. It’s important to take care of your most important asset, your employees. Below are some tips on preventing workplace injuries:

1. Safety Training
– Safety training is designed to make sure employees know how to handle certain situations and/or equipment. It is important to provide safety training. Initial training for new employees is vital and ongoing safety training is very beneficial. Ensuring your employees are properly trained to handle different situations and equipment can prevent some injuries.

2. Equipment
– Ensuring employees have the proper Personal Protective Equipment for their position can help prevent many injuries.

3. Stretching
– Stretching before the shift begins and throughout the day prepares muscles and keeps the body prepared for activity and prevents injuries. Please note some employees may need to check with their doctor’s before beginning any type of stretching program.

4. Good Housekeeping
– Keeping your workplace neat and orderly, objects cleared from hallways, proper lighting along with other housekeeping habits can prevent various types of injuries.

5. Identifying unsafe conditions
– Unsafe work conditions should be reported to a supervisor immediately.
– Have a plan in place to identify safety vulnerabilities. You may be able to identify some of your specific vulnerabilities by the types of injuries you are experiencing. Your MCO can help you identify the trends in your claims and thus, assist in developing a plan to prevent injuries.

6. Inspect and maintain equipment, tools, machines and company vehicles
– It is important to not only train employees how to use equipment, tools, machines and vehicles properly, but it is also important to inspect them on a regular basis to ensure proper working order. Your company should have protocol in place for employees to follow when they identify a problem. It should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

7. Safety Programs
– Employer safety programs offer many different benefits. You should customize your programs to fit the needs of your business. This may include safety committees, recognition opportunities, awards/incentives when specific goals are met. Your safety program can also include training and all the other points above.

It is important to know what you should implement based on your specific industry type and style of business. Work with the experts, your Ohio MCO to develop a strategy to identify preventable injuries and then determine suggestions and recommendations on how to prevent these injuries.