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Vocational Rehab Moves Injured Workers from Suffering to Success

Amanda Hagerty
Reading time 2 Mins
Published on May 23

Sometimes an injury can result in a significant loss of functional capacity. Other injuries can be slow to heal or resolve, or are expected to exceed the well managed benchmark. In cases like this, the injured employee may benefit from vocational rehabilitation services like transitional work, on-site therapy, functional capacity evaluations, and even new job placement.

Sheakley UniComp has the opportunity to assist in the rehabilitation and return-to-work of these injured workers every day. Here are a couple of their stories:

An Opportunity for Professional Growth

A cell operator (a very physical job), suffered a hernia after lifting something heavy and required surgery. After the surgery, this employee tried modified duty, but was never released back to full duty. Through our Job Searching and Skills Development services he learned the Microsoft system, increased his medical terminology skills, and improved his communication skills in a 12-week Customer Service training program. This increased his marketability and after completing a work trial, received a job offer as a Trainer. He’s continued to grow and add value in his new position, working to help his company with CARF Accreditation and updates to their website.

No Shattered Dreams

A glass worker suffered a back sprain and sciatica while lifting at work. In only three weeks with our Job Searching and Skill Training with Job Placement services, she was able to find a position that accommodated her restrictions. Now working a shop job focused on light glass repair, she is able to continue working in the glass industry.


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