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What Does Your Injury Trend Report Reveal?

Andrea Kiener
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Published on Jul 14

Preventing workplace accidents can save your business time and money. One of the easiest ways to reduce accidents is to analyze injury data in order to identify trends, and make necessary changes to prevent those injuries.

Get the Right Workplace Injury Data

Employers can gather injury data on various aspects of a claim such as:

  • Type of claim
  • Number of claims by body part
  • Day of the week injury occurred
  • Number of Injuries by position
  • Number of injuries by department/location

Gathering this information allows employers to determine the most frequent injuries, the most costly injuries, and the possible cause of the injuries. Looking at this data allows employers to evaluate their workplace and safety practices for improvements to help prevent further accidents.

Workplace Injury Data Analysis in Action

For example, an employer reviewed their injury trend report and noticed they were experiencing many trips and falls, and that they had an aging workforce. To reduce these accidents the employer evaluated their workplace to make sure all areas had sufficient lighting, all trip hazards (i.e., cords running across the floors) were removed, and that all steps were painted different colors, or had a different color on the edge of each step, to make each step more noticeable.

By seeing the trends related to injuries they were able to identify causes and implement solutions.

Other employers have used their injury trend reports to identify preventable injuries and then implement better safety protocols such as employees wearing safety goggles, slip resistant shoes, or different gloves and other personal protective equipment. Then the employers were able to determine how much they could have lowed their claims cost by implementing these simple steps.

Work with Your MCO to Take Action

Be sure to review your injury data and work with your Ohio Managed Care Organization (MCO) to prevent future injuries. A quality MCO should share injury trend data with you and review it on a regular basis. Over time this can reduce your workplace injuries and your costs.

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