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Benefits of Marketing to Your Employees

Ella Baker
Benefits of Marketing to Your Employees
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Published on Oct 10

While most businesses spend the majority of their time focused on external marketing, there is a benefit to spending some time sharing your message internally. Your employees are your most important allies – and your best marketers. Making sure that they fully understand the mission, goals, and commitments of your business not only helps them be more engaged at work, but also allows them to share that message with potential customers. Here are just a few of the benefits of internal marketing to your current employees and some steps you can take to share your message if you aren’t already.

What is internal marketing?

At its most basic, internal marketing is about treating your employees as your first customer. If they don’t buy into your company’s mission, brand, image, and message, then your wider customer base probably won’t either.

Internal marketing should focus on promoting your company’s vision, goals, culture, mission, and brand within the organization. By educating employees and allowing them to engage with the brand in a new way, they are able to create a genuine connection with the company and its products. The enthusiasm generated through this connection leads employees to be more loyal and engaged, and also more likely to share positive stories about the business and its products with potential customers and clients.

Alignment of goals and values

Your marketing team may be the idea machine fueling your social media engine or creating advertisements, but your employees are the true front line marketers of your business. Your operational employees spend more time talking to current customers and potential customers than anyone else in your company, so it pays to spend time ensuring that they understand the goals and values of your business.

Make sure that your onboarding efforts for new hires include time to teach and discuss your brand on a deeper level. They should be able to explain to customers or potential customers the goals and values of your brand just as well as more seasoned workers.

Additionally, consider holding regular training and opportunities for employees to learn more about new products, services, or ideas being generated by the company. Encourage employee feedback and demonstrate that you take their input seriously. When employees have a voice in the workings of the business, they will take greater ownership of their daily jobs and communicate that enthusiasm in conversations with clients, family, and friends.

Create emotional connections

Every business has a story to tell. Whether your company was a startup that suddenly hit the big time or a mom-and-pop shop that’s been a staple of the town for decades, your employees should know the story of your business.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of marketing there is. When you share your story with your employees, you are giving them the opportunity to create a genuine emotional connection with your company, products, and services. Employees can then spread that connection in their dealings with other employees, potential customers, and current clients.

When employees feel more engaged and connected, they will be more positively motivated to market and sell the products or services you deliver to customers. Additionally, employees with an emotional connection to your company are more loyal and less likely to leave in search of other opportunities.

Build trust and knowledge

Sharing more information about your company with employees helps them develop a greater sense of trust in your brand and builds their knowledge about your company – an all-around positive impact. When information isn’t kept in silos, employees are better able to perform their jobs and see the bigger picture of your company.

When employees can easily access and share information about the company, they are more confident in their ability to do their jobs and understand how the functions they perform fit into the larger framework of the company. When employees feel empowered and trusted with information about the larger goals of the business, they can prioritize work within that structure to help the company achieve its primary goals.

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