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Gamification of the Workplace

Ella Baker
Gamification of the Workplace
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Published on Jan 9

As online and console gaming continue to become a bigger part of our modern culture, the idea that there is much to be learned from games has become more widely accepted. The interactive nature of gaming, combined with learning by doing and a strong reward system, is very effective in achieving results in gaming – and in real life. Human resources departments are exploring gamification of the workplace strategies that not only allow them to speak the language of today’s employees, but that also allow them to improve training and engagement.

Learn by doing

We’ve all heard the adage “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Never is that truer than in the workplace. Integrating gaming into your training program allows your new employees to learn by actively participating in the “doing” of their new job. This allows you to immerse your new hires in the day-to-day of their role without taking significant time away from your current staff members for training when your new hire isn’t yet ready to hit the ground. You can even utilize gaming in your interview process, using the results of each candidate’s game time as part of your larger selection criteria.

Engagement and team building

Use gaming to your advantage to achieve strategic short and long-term goals for your company. The badge, points, and other rewards systems for specific actions that gaming has made so popular can be co-opted by HR teams to build engagement and a greater connection between employees. Using your company’s intranet or an employee-only page on your website, you can continually post badges and points as employees and teams get closer to completing a ‘mission’ like achieving a set sales goal or opening a set number of new accounts. You can even tie these game-based rewards to real-life perks like gift cards or a free lunch.

Make virtual reality a reality

Virtual reality has the power to transform the modern workplace. From remote working and training options to allowing employees to walk the halls of your far away headquarters, VR poses many opportunities for HR departments. If your new sales employee is a little green behind the ears, you can use VR training to immerse them in a face-to-face client meeting simulation without risking a long-term business relationship or blowing a new lead. You can even use VR to recreate once-a-year events like Black Friday in your retail store or to help employees better understand how to react in active shooter situations.

Growing your business is no game

Work isn’t all fun and games, and gamification of the workplace might not be for everyone, but you can use some of the principles of gaming to help modernize your HR strategies. Your HR department can help you attract new talent who are drawn to businesses that are on the cutting edge by utilizing the practical applications of gaming in your workplace.

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