Who’s on your “SIDES” when an employee leaves?

Amanda Hagerty
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Published on Nov 3

According to the United Stated Department of Labor, Ohio’s improper payment rate for unemployment insurance is one of the highest in the country. In 2015, Ohio’s improper payments are estimated at a total of $96,802,903.

The overpayment of unemployment benefits is actually more common than many people realize. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for unemployment claims, we protect client state unemployment account(s) with monthly updates on claims activity and protesting charges on disqualified claims and any claims found to be misapplied to an account. And now, as a State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) certified TPA, the chances of an error on separation data are greatly reduced for our clients.

What is SIDES?

SIDES is an integrated computer-to-computer interface designed for employers and third-party administrators (TPAs) to be better able to:

  • Anticipate and supply the data needed for UI information requests
  • Reduce follow-up phone calls
  • Help prevent payments to those who don’t meet eligibility requirements
  • Eliminate unnecessary appeals
  • Streamline response processes, which reduces paperwork while saving time and money

Benefits of SIDES

Compared to the historical paper-based process of responding to information requests fully and within tight state deadlines (which created a significant and costly administrative burden on companies), the SIDES system is proving to provide tremendous benefits to clients including:

  • Saved time
    • One call convenience for all info
    • Faster claim processing (employees are paid sooner)
    • More time to prepare additional information when needed
    • Earlier notice on the need to discuss any red flags/options for adjudication
    • Faster response time for adjudications
  • Saved money
    • Reduced overpayments
    • Reduced appeals because the State gets a complete file first time, every time, for determination
  • Better accuracy
    • Address of record/TPA records more accurate at State agencies
    • Date/Time-stamped confirmation of receipt
    • Better reports allow us to more accurately review claims and confirm clients are only charged for claims that they should be charged for

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