When you work with a third-party administrator (TPA) to streamline your workers’ compensation program, you should feel confident that they are looking out for the best interests of you and your employees. Your TPA is there to help you through the claims process, but they will also take full advantage of the discount and rebate programs offered by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to help you get the best possible premium rate for your organization. While there are many options offered by the BWC, here are three programs that you should talk to your TPA about today.

Grow Ohio Incentive Program

The Grow Ohio Incentive Program is designed to make getting your new business up and running just a little easier. Offering new employers a 25% discount on their annual premiums, the Grow Ohio Incentive Program provides businesses the opportunity to realize significant savings at a very crucial time in their development.

Businesses who participate in the Grow Ohio Incentive Program also have the opportunity to apply for a group experience rating immediately, instead of waiting one full premium year like other companies. To be eligible for group experience rating, Grow Ohio Incentive Program businesses must be a member of a sponsoring organization, such as a Chamber of Commerce.

Your TPA can help you decide if the Grow Ohio Incentive Program is the right choice for your new business. Read Grow Ohio Program: A Guide for New Employers to learn more about this valuable cost-saving program for your new business.

Go-Green Rebate

Ready to save up to 1% off your annual BWC premiums while reducing your paperwork headaches? The Go-Green Rebate Program is the easiest rebate program you’ll ever participate in – and it puts up to $2,000 back into your bank account at the end of your policy year!

Participating in the Go-Green Rebate Program couldn’t be simpler. During the annual true-up reporting period, employers (or their TPA) just need to enroll in electronic notifications and opt to receive policy notices electronically prior to completing their true-up reporting. After selecting this option, enrollment in the program is automatic once the employer (or their TPA) completes their true-up reporting and installment payments online. To learn more about the program, check out Ohio BWC: Go-Green Rebate Program.

Drug-Free Safety Program

Are you concerned about the health and safety of your employees in the midst of the drug crisis that is plaguing Ohio? BWC’s Drug-Free Safety Program provides incentives and guidance to help you develop strategies to address the misuse of drugs in the workplace.

Offering a 4% to 7% rebate on annual premiums, employers can elect to participate in the Drug-Free Safety Program at either the Basic or Advanced level and the specific program requirements vary depending on which level the employer (or their TPA) selects. The Drug-Free Safety Program focuses on the development of written drug-use policies, education about the dangers of drug use, helping frontline managers spot signs of use or abuse, developing a drug-testing program, and establishing an employee assistance program. Your TPA will help you decide if the Drug-Free Safety Program is a good choice for your company. Read How to Establish a Drug-Free Safety Program with the Ohio BWC to learn more about the program and its potential benefits for your company.

Advocating for you

While the Ohio BWC may not require your company to use a TPA, the cost-savings and expertise they can offer leads to reduced risk and lower costs for your company. Partnering with a TPA is an investment in your business’s future that can create a safer workplace for your employees and lead to lower premiums.

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