Whether the workplace setting is an office, a construction site, or anywhere else, there is always a risk of injury or accident. When an incident occurs, every second counts. Preparing your employees to handle these situations can help injured workers get critical care sooner and prevent further injury. Providing First Aid & CPR Training for your employees can save lives and can net a serious safety advantage for your company.

Timing is everything

Safety always begins with prevention. However, since not every accident can be prevented, taking steps to get workers injured on the job the help they need immediately is critical.

First Aid & CPR training equips employees with the tools and information they need to care for injured coworkers until medical help arrives or the worker is transported to a health care facility. When administered quickly and properly, CPR and First Aid care can mean the difference between temporary and permanent disability, or even life and death in serious cases.

OSHA requirements

OSHA’s 1991 Guidelines for Basic First Aid Training Programs provides guidance recommending that all businesses provide First Aid and CPR training to employees in the absence of a nearby clinic or hospital. For some industries, OSHA has specific requirements in place for the exact type of training that must be provided, depending on the number of employees, and the specific needs of the workplace.

Choosing the right program for your company

While OSHA provides guidance on employee training, the agency does not teach or certify programs. Since responding in a timely manner can mean the difference between life and death, it is critical to select the appropriate training for your workplace.

Employers can be faced with a wide array of choices when selecting their First Aid & CPR training programs. These choices can often be confusing and difficult for employers. Sheakley offers customized First Aid & CPR training programs for clients in every industry.

Your partner in safety

Keeping your workforce safe is priority one for your company. Sheakley can help you develop better policies and provide assistance with creating safety programs to help you achieve your safety goals. Sheakley’s Workforce Management Services experts provide complete safety resources for your company.

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