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On-Demand Safety Staffing Solution

Ella Baker
On-Demand Safety Staffing Solution
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Published on Oct 11

For businesses of all sizes, success brings both excitement and headaches. When you’re growing, taking on new long-term projects, or trying to complete a short-term project, you have to balance the need for expanding your business with the demands for the safety and security of your team. Finding the right safety professionals isn’t always easy, especially for short-term projects or those that need to be fast-tracked. Thanks to Sheakley’s On-Demand Safety Staffing Solution, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of recruiting and training the safety professionals you need.

Cost-effective solutions for your project

Sheakley’s Safety Staffing Solution provides part-time, temp-to-hire, and direct placement of experienced, industry-specific safety professionals to clients in the construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial/manufacturing, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy, and mining industries. This cost-effective solution can provide safety professionals for any size project nationwide.

Sheakley maintains a national database of safety professionals, allowing us to staff your project within one week of request. Whether you have a short or long term project, need permanent safety staff, or part-time assistance, our Safety Staffing Solution allows you to quickly and confidently staff your project with qualified, experienced, and trained safety professionals.

Safety staffing made easy

Whether you need one or multiple safety professionals, our Safety Staffing Solution offers a fast and easy way to meet the staffing demands of all of your projects. Our Workforce Management Service experts will work with you to understand all of the staffing needs of your project and then identify the right candidates to join your team. Our safety professionals can even cover your safety staffing needs for shut-downs and outages.

Our Workforce Management Services team handles all of the activities associated with hiring your new safety staff. Our team recruits safety professionals from our national database, handles the completion and processing of all new-hire paperwork, and conducts any necessary training of your new safety team member. This no-hassle approach to staffing lets you get to work on your project faster and without delays or downtime for training.

Stay in touch

We stand behind all of our safety hires and provide ongoing support to ensure both their and your success. All safety professionals hired by Sheakley for client projects have access to our in-house network of senior consultants and managers.

Sheakley’s Workforce Management Services team conducts monthly check-up visits to the project site to ensure that everything is going smoothly and to make sure that the safety professionals have all of the tools and training they need for the project. Additionally, Sheakley’s safety hires complete a daily electronic project safety observation report that is used to provide monthly trending analysis reports for your project – ensuring a safer worksite for your team. Sheakley’s Workforce Management Services also conducts electronic monitoring of timesheets with GPS tracking information for all of our safety team hires.

Your partner in safety

At Sheakley, our experts are here to keep your employees and your business safe. Our Safety Staffing Solution allows you to meet the safety needs of your projects without hassle or delays. We know the importance of safety, that’s why Sheakley’s Workforce Management Services experts provide complete safety resources for your company.

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