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The Value of Outsourced Safety Professionals

Will Blake
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Published on Sep 30

Navigating the world of risk, compliance and regulation has become increasingly complicated for companies looking to leverage the value of a comprehensive safety program. While adequate safety training, mock OSHA walkthroughs, and safety consultation can help you mitigate your general risk, how do you address the specific, day-to-day safety issues that arise in the workplace? Safety professionals are a valuable tool in helping you prevent and manage safety risks during daily operation without disrupting your pace, profits, or procedures. However, finding the right safety candidates, onboarding them, and training them can be a laborious, time-consuming task.

There is a solution that can make this process easier and alleviate paint points: safety staffing services.

What is Safety Staffing?

Many businesses across every industry have a need for experienced safety personnel. These may be Safety Officers, Hazardous Materials Managers, Licensed Safety Professionals, or any number of other highly-qualified safety experts that can assist with safety oversight, management, and policy development.

Unfortunately, finding and acquiring top safety talent can be time-consuming and costly for businesses looking to expand their safety capabilities. The average cost to fill a position is between $3,000 and $18,000 and lost productivity during the onboarding and training process can cost between 1% and 2.5% of total revenue.

Companies face an uphill battle with talent selection and onboarding. Not only do the majority of employees think that their employer has poor onboarding processes, but nearly half of all employers are concerned that they won’t even be able to find the right candidates in today’s job market.

Safety staffing is a valuable service that helps businesses find highly-trained, highly-qualified professionals to facilitate safety program creation and maintenance, satisfy contractual demands, meet compliance requirements, and reduce workers’ compensation claims.

Why Safety Staffing?

While some businesses require safety staffing to satisfy part of their contractual or compliance needs, many companies tap into the power of on-site safety staff to help them tackle an increasing number of regulatory bodies and policies targeted at employee and job site safety.

Having highly-trained and highly-motivated safety staff has numerous benefits, including:

  • Boosting employee morale
  • Fostering a superior culture of safety
  • Reducing workers’ compensation premiums
  • Boosting overall performance
  • Reducing OSHA and DOT citations and fines

It’s not enough to simply hire a safety professional. You need someone who has the right certifications and skillset to help you cultivate a culture of safety, while improving existing workflows. That can be incredibly difficult to find in today’s talent-strapped market.

With safety staffing, you get instant access to critical support with no long-term commitments. This saves you from the stress of hiring and firing candidates in an attempt to find the right match — as well as the time and money spent searching for those ideal candidates. Of course, not all safety staffing services are created equal. Some simply provide safety experts – while others provide fully-realized safety solutions.

How Sheakley Can Help

Sheakley is committed to helping you protect your people and your business. With over 55 years of experience, Sheakley has been providing much-needed value to our partners through TPA services and a variety of safety consulting services, such as OSHA & DOT compliance, safety training, and more.

At Sheakley, we understand the difference between safety staff and safety professionals. Our fully-managed service lets you tap into a pool of highly-vetted safety experts across a variety of industries that have the certifications, education, and experience to help you accomplish your safety goals.

Whether you need a temporary safety officer to monitor job sites and initiate project safety controls, or a permanent position filled to help you complete and maintain safety records and monitor day-to-day employee safety — we’ll help you find the right candidate.

Level Up Your Safety Game

Don’t worry about sorting through hundreds of applicants, keeping up-to-date on the latest safety education trends, vetting candidates, and assessing skills – you have a business to run. Sheakley can help you find the ideal candidate for any position. Contact us to learn more.

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