DOT Compliance Checklist and Tips

Compliance and safety go hand-in-hand on our nation’s roadways Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance isn’t just another hoop to jump through: it’s an important preventative measure to ensure safety on our nation’s roadways. Non-compliance can mean serious fines for your company and serious safety hazards for other drivers on the roadway. The following checklist and [...]

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What is Onboarding?

Improve your new hire experience and set your company up for success Learning more about what onboarding is and how a smooth onboarding process eases candidates’ transitions into your company can be the difference between retaining your new employees and falling back into the trap of high turnover. Help your new talent integrate into the [...]

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Maintaining Workplace Diversity

Retain your diverse workforce with these tips Workplace diversity means a commitment to valuing and accepting cultural differences, while remaining compliant will laws established to ensure equal employment opportunities. Embracing diversity is not only the right thing to do, it also makes your company stronger if your workforce is more representative of society as a [...]

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Are You Depositing Your Company’s 401(k) Contributions on Time?

Although the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations became final on January 14, 2010, the late deposit of employee salary deferral contributions and loan repayments continue to be the number one compliance issue the IRS finds when auditing a plan, and a focus of the DOL. The regulation stipulates a Safe Harbor for the deposit of [...]

What to Do When an Employee Gets Injured at Work

Ensure a quick and compliant response With an estimated 114,600 recordable cases of non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2016, it is nearly inevitable that your business will have to address an employee injury at some point. Acting swiftly to get your employee the medical attention they need and remaining Ohio Bureau of Workers’ [...]

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Hire to Retire: Employee Retention

Retaining your company’s most valuable asset long-term Your business invests significant time and money to find the ideal candidates for your positions and hiring and training new employees is a significant cost expenditure for your company. Make sure those efforts do not go to waste by implementing hire-to-retire strategies that will allow you to maximize [...]

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Creative Recruiting Strategies to Attract Better Candidates

Utilizing more creative recruiting strategies to attract top talent can mean savings for your company in the long run. US companies spend billions of dollars each year on the hiring and selection process and making the wrong hire will only add to that expense. These innovative approaches can help you find top talent for your [...]

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Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

A human resources trend for a number of years, workplace wellness programs can offer many benefits to your employees. Like any other benefit or incentive program, the long-term success of these programs lies with employee buy-in and actual support from management. Discover how a workplace wellness program could benefit your workforce. Reduce health care costs [...]

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Common Questions About Self-Insurance in Ohio

A Self-Insurance Guide for Ohio Employers The Ohio Revised Code requires that all employers with one or more employees have an active and current Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy in place, typically through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). BWC grants select employees the right to become self-insuring employers, meaning that the employer administers their [...]