Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

With four generations in the workplace, figuring out how to effectively manage such a diverse group of workers has become a challenge for many companies, small and large. Developing strategies to motivate and lead such a diverse group of workers will allow companies to success and, ultimately, become more competitive and effective. Join us as [...]

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Ohio BWC: Workplace Wellness Grant Program

Monetary assistance to make your wellness program goals a reality The Workplace Wellness Grant Program offered by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) provides employers with monetary assistant to help start their workplace wellness program. By addressing health risk factors and improving the overall health of the workforce, the BWC hopes to be able [...]

Housekeeping for Safety

Not only does it make a good first impression on visitors and employees, housekeeping is crucial to workplace safety. Keeping your workplace organized, free of clutter, and generally hazard free can also improve productivity and morale while preventing injuries. Read on to learn more about how good housekeeping helps to lay the basic foundation for [...]

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Preventing Common Workplace Injuries

Protecting the safety of your employees is a paramount concern for your company. When you encourage a culture of workplace safety, many of the most common workplace injuries are preventable. By understanding the causes of many of the most common injuries and how employees can avoid many of the common pitfalls, you can help your [...]

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Ohio BWC: Go-Green Rebate Program

Save money while helping the environment The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) is helping you go green and get some green back in return. The BWC’s Go-Green Rebate Program will be the easiest rebate program you’ve ever participated in – so get ready to start welcoming some premium dollars back into your account in [...]

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Closing the Skills Gap

Have you experienced a more difficult time filling some of your open positions? You’re not alone. Despite offering quality benefits and compensation packages, many companies have difficulty finding qualified candidates due to the skills gap that has developed in the 21st century workforce. This gap between the skills sought by employers and the knowledge and [...]

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Fleet Safety: Driving in Windy Conditions

High winds are an often-overlooked driving danger that can lead to serious accidents. High wind weather events are common in Ohio and extreme caution should be used when driving in these conditions to ensure the health and safety of your fleet drivers and other drivers on the roadway. These safety tips can help your drivers [...]

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Benefits on the Rise: Standing Desks

With more than 44 percent of workplaces offering them, standing desks are the fastest-growing benefit offered to employees in the US, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s long been understood that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your employees’ overall health. With their positive impacts on health outcomes like obesity, [...]

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10 Workplace Safety Tips

To make sure your workers go home safely after every shift, you need more than just safety supplies. You need to develop and build a culture of safety within your organization and make safety a top priority. The foundation of any successful workplace safety effort is one that encourages employees to take ownership of the [...]

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