5 Things You Should Know About Your MCO

In the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) system every employer is required to work with a state-approved managed care organization (MCO) who manages the medical portion of your company’s workers’ comp claims. Fees for MCO services are paid by the BWC as part of your premium for each year. Acting as the liaison between [...]

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Early Reporting of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Early reporting of workers’ compensation injuries can save your employees time away from work while saving your company money on your annual premiums. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) recognizes claims as medical-only claims for the first seven days. During this early phase, it is important that you share as much information about the [...]

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Return to Work Toolkit

Set your employees and your business up for success by crafting a well-developed return to work toolkit. Studies show that the longer an injured employee is off work, the less likely it is for them to return to full-time employment with your company. Your toolkit can help your injured employees return to work faster, allowing [...]

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Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Costs with Early Return to Work

Your employees are your most important asset. By facilitating the earliest return of injured workers to the workplace, you are setting up both your employees and your business for success. Providing return-to-work (RTW) programs allows you to retain valued employees and enhance the productivity of your workforce. RTW programs are an essential part of a [...]

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MCO Selection Tips for New Employers

Working with the right partner can save you time and money Workers’ compensation costs can take a serious toll on your company’s bottom line. The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation requires all employers that pay into the state fund to have a managed care organization (MCO) to manage their claims, and the cost is already [...]

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Making the Case for Workers’ Comp Case Management

Ensuring employees get the help they need and helping you manage premiums. Ohio BWC and case management A Managed Care Organization is a private company that employers select to medically manage their workers’ compensation claims for injured employees. The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Comp requires all employers that pay into the state fund to have [...]

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What to Do When an Employee Gets Injured at Work

Ensure a quick and compliant response With an estimated 114,600 recordable cases of non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported in 2016, it is nearly inevitable that your business will have to address an employee injury at some point. Acting swiftly to get your employee the medical attention they need and remaining Ohio Bureau of Workers’ [...]

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How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

To be successful in today’s business world, companies need to find every competitive edge possible. Some might be surprised to find that Ohio workers’ compensation could be one of those competitive edges. But how would you know? The world just recently witnessed the 2018 Winter Olympics. The athletes that competed in these games trained for [...]

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Physician Relations and Why They Are Important for Employers’ Workers’ Compensation Programs

When an injury happens in the workplace, many employers allow the injured worker to choose where to seek treatment. However, your company should establish a relationship with a preferred provider for your workplace accidents. There are many benefits to a preferred provider relationship, which can affect the treatment plan, return to work, and/or the outcome [...]

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