Which would you choose: health or wealth?

Everyone has a ranking system for the most important things in their lives. Where do you think most participants rank their 401(k) investments? In a recent nationwide survey commissioned by Schwab Retirement Plan Services, it was found that many people would consider their investments more important than their health. Of those surveyed, 73% would trade [...]

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Are You Aware of These 5 ‘Little’ Things that Can Have a ‘Big’ Impact on Your 401(k)?

Over the past 25 years, 401(k) plans have become the dominant retirement planning option for most US workers. As a small or medium-sized business owner, you’re probably aware of some of the major complications which can be associated with administering a plan. But what about those so-called “little” issues that can become major problems? According [...]

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Do Your Company Contribution Plans Stack Up?

When it comes to saving, we all know its’ importance. Wisely investing throughout our career can afford us a retirement with little financial worry. With defined contribution plans, employee’s benefits during retirement depend on the contributions made and the investment performance of the assets in his or her accounts. As an employer, are you providing [...]

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How Do Your Employees Feel About Retirement?

It goes without saying that we all know the importance of retirement and establishing financial security for the golden years. Even so, baby boomers approaching retirement are running into unexpected financial surprises including increasing costs of health care. This should be a lesson to our youth to save early and maximize investments. Charles Schwab recently [...]

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How Will Obamacare Impact Your Bottom Line?

Obamacare has undoubtedly made significant changes in the way that American companies run and operate, but how profound are these changes? The truth is, most employers have no real idea. According to a survey, conducted by Willis, of more than 1,000 employers only 37% of respondents have gotten around to identifying the cost changes to [...]

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