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Embracing Technology Can Save You Time and Boost Productivity

With an ever-increasing number of tasks falling on the shoulders of limited human resource staff, working smarter has never been more important. Instead of juggling stacks of paperwork, losing track of employee requests, and rushing to prepare for new hire arrivals, HR administrators are embracing technology to lighten the number of tasks they have. By [...]

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Holiday Party Mishaps – And How to Avoid Them

The holiday season can be stressful for HR departments. Even when you don’t have to plan it, the annual holiday party brings a mountain of concerns about the well-being of your workers, possible discrimination, and the potential for inappropriate behavior. Here are three common holiday party mishaps and the steps your HR team can take [...]

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Signs Your HR Department Needs an Update

The role of the modern human resources department is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of bureaucratic humdrum - today’s HR departments must be responsive and help guide your employees (and your company) to success. When your HR department is working, it can help take your business to the next level. However, when things start [...]

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You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Say That

While many employers and employees may think of their co-workers as family, it’s important to remember that there are some lines that just shouldn’t be crossed when talking to employees. From the socially awkward to the downright illegal, there are just some things that business owners and managers just can’t say to their employees. To [...]

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5 HR Best Practices You Should Adopt

Human resources departments play a critical role in the success and growth of companies. However, as budgets shrink and cutbacks are made, HR seems to be one of the first areas to take a hit. Leading an HR team takes knowledge of laws, a deep understanding of how to communicate and motivate a large workforce, [...]

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Benefits of Marketing to Your Employees

While most businesses spend the majority of their time focused on external marketing, there is a benefit to spending some time sharing your message internally. Your employees are your most important allies - and your best marketers. Making sure that they fully understand the mission, goals, and commitments of your business not only helps them [...]

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Tips for Recruiting & Hiring Veterans

Their training, experience, and skills make recruiting and hiring veterans a no-brainer for employers. With the current unemployment rate for veterans holding steady at 3.4%, it’s clear that many companies are targeting and scooping up veterans in record-high numbers. If your small or medium-sized company hasn’t focused your recruiting efforts on this highly-trained and qualified [...]

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How to Detoxify a Toxic Workplace

Is your workplace a second home for employees or a waking nightmare? If your employees are frequently voicing concerns that go unaddressed, seem overworked, or have become disengaged, it may be a sign that your workplace culture has turned toxic. When employees become unhappy in the workplace, that dissatisfaction can quickly carry over into their [...]

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No-Cost Recruitment Tool: Total Compensation Statements

When you’re recruiting, it’s essential that your applicants understand the full value of the compensation package that you offer. From annual salary to health benefits and vacation time, helping your potential employees see the investment that you are making in them can help you land top talent, even if the salary you offer isn’t as [...]

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