Quick Tips for Small Businesses: Managing Unemployment Claims

It’s no secret: unemployment claims can be costly. But properly preparing for and expertly managing claims that come through will prevent major headaches in the long run. Consider the following tips to reduce unnecessary unemployment claim payouts and protect your business reputation. Comply with the Law and File On Time Both federal and state laws [...]

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Unemployment Policy Update

We like to keep you updated on all things unemployment, and recently there was an update on the Revise Unemployment Compensation Law bill. Legislation: On the heels of Ohio Senate Bill (S.B) 235 signed by the governor and effective March 28, 2017, which increased the taxable wage base to $9,500 per employee and freezes the [...]

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Are Teachers Eligible for Unemployment Benefits During Summer Months

Looking ahead to the end of this school year, many districts will be sending letters to their employees to give them reasonable assurance. Employees working under continuing contracts are considered to have reasonable assurance and should be found ineligible for benefits during the summer months as long as their contract is intact for the upcoming [...]

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Are WOTC Tax Credits Worth Your Time?

Work Opportunity Tax Credits have been around since 1996, giving employers an incentive to hire qualified individuals that face challenges gaining employment, by offering federal tax credits against corporate income tax. Currently the program is available in all 50 States and is highly utilized by major corporations. At this time the target groups range from [...]

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Upcoming Legislation Changes for Unemployment in Ohio

Do you know all the Federal and State legislation that may influence your unemployment compensation program and ultimately affect the bottom line of your business? Probably not, but that's why having a partner like Sheakley can help you keep track of proposed bill details and offer analysis regarding how the bill may impact unemployment and your [...]

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Protecting Your SUI Rate

A GUIDE TO PROTECTING YOUR SUI RATE Employers are often surprised at how easily a former employee can establish a successful unemployment claim. With respect to unemployment claims, the largest misconception among employers is that terminating an employee for substandard performance will disqualify the individual from receiving unemployment benefits. In most states, unless the employee's [...]

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4 Smart & Simple Ways to Lower Your Unemployment Tax

As an employer, you must pay your applicable state and federal unemployment taxes. While each state has their own payroll/wage tax table, the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) are expenses most companies just accept as a required cost of doing business. However, you have more control over what you [...]

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One incredibly smart way companies turn their UI tax burden into a benefit

More than half of states allow businesses to voluntarily pay into their state unemployment insurance (UI) fund to lower their tax rate. This “voluntary contribution” is a strategic decision that should be evaluated each year when you review your tax rate notice as there could be substantial savings opportunities. How does a voluntary contribution help [...]

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Who’s on your “SIDES” when an employee leaves?

According to the United Stated Department of Labor, Ohio's improper payment rate for unemployment insurance is one of the highest in the country. In 2015, Ohio's improper payments are estimated at a total of $96,802,903. The overpayment of unemployment benefits is actually more common than many people realize. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for unemployment [...]

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Potential tax hike for employers & employees in Ohio unemployment fund proposal

In order to provide support for Ohio's unemployment-compensation fund, lawmakers have proposed raising taxes for employers and employees. It's a five-part proposal that would allow the fund to become solvent by 2025, and could allow more unemployed, low-wage workers to become eligible for benefits. The new proposal includes features such as a decline in employer tax [...]

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