Partnering with a TPA

Your BWC advocate Navigating the complicated world of Ohio workers’ compensation can be stressful, however choosing a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) can help. While the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) looks out for your injured workers, your TPA helps you save money while aiding with claims. Ohio BWC and Third-Party Administrators (TPA) The BWC acts as [...]

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3 Steps to a Safer Workplace

A safer workplace is important for employers for many reasons. A safer workplace will reduce workers’ compensation injuries which normally result in lower claims cost. The key to reducing injuries is to have a systematic approach with regular reviews. If you step back and look at the big picture you may be surprised at what [...]

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Save Through Group Rating

A Third-Party Administrator (TPA) aims to save you money by managing your workers compensation claims. They advocate for you and reduce stress while saving you premium dollars. A valuable cost containment strategy your TPA can offer you, is access to group rating (or group experience rating) program. Group rating programs allow employers, who operate similar [...]

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3 Cost-Saving Strategies for Workers’ Comp

When it comes to protecting your company’s bottom line, your third-party administrator (TPA) is a valuable partner in keeping your workers’ compensation costs in check. Your TPA not only offers you access to valuable cost-saving opportunities, they also provide training and educational opportunities to help you keep your team safer and your workers’ comp costs [...]

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How the Pandemic is Impacting Workers’ Compensation

Coronavirus is quickly changing the way businesses are working. To slow the spread of the virus without major disruptions to operations, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has ordered all staff to work from home until further notice. BWC employees continue to be available by email and telephone to address issues and answer questions [...]

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Combating Workers’ Comp Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud affects everyone and can be committed by any party in the workers’ comp system. The single most common type of fraud, known as claimant fraud, occurs when an employee knowingly makes a fraudulent claim. Since workers may commit fraud for any number of reasons, workers’ comp fraud can be difficult to identify. [...]

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Save with the Policy Activity Rebate (PAR) Program

Looking for some serious cost savings on your workers’ compensation premiums? The Policy Activity Rebate (PAR) Program is a fully-customizable plan that allows Ohio employers to qualify for a 50% policy rebate, up to $2,000, for participating in a variety of activities throughout the plan year. In addition to helping your business get a hefty [...]

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Resolutions to Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

Workers’ compensation premiums may seem like something business owners have little control over, but the truth is that company leadership can have a significant impact on the overall rate being paid. Taking steps to reduce accidents, combat fraud, and utilize cost-saving discounts are just a few of the resolutions that can help reduce your workers’ [...]

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Workers’ Comp

Did you know that your third-party administrator (TPA) does a lot more than just help reduce your workers’ compensation stress? Your TPA can also provide you with access to the most beneficial cost containment strategies available to Ohio businesses. By facilitating access to valuable cost-saving programs, your partnership with a TPA can essentially pay for [...]

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The 3 Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

With an average cost of $40,051 per claim, workers’ comp injuries can be costly for both your employees and your business. As your partner in the workers’ compensation process, your third-party administrator (TPA) can help you keep your premiums in check. Controlling your workers’ comp claims costs is one of the best ways for employers [...]

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