Empower Your Team to Create a Safer Work Environment

Workplace safety is a team effort, requiring buy-in from employees at all levels. While many companies stress the importance of safety at the management level, regular employees are rarely given a voice in the safety process. Encourage them to be part of your overall safety improvement strategy by voicing concerns or pointing out problems and, [...]

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Safety Concerns by Industry

While most businesses share similar general safety concerns, each industry has specific hazards that employees and employers must be vigilant to avoid. Workplace injuries can cause significant disruption and trauma for the injured worker and their family, fellow employees, and the company. With a focus on making all workplaces safer, reducing injuries, and helping employers [...]

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On-Demand Safety Staffing Solution

For businesses of all sizes, success brings both excitement and headaches. When you’re growing, taking on new long-term projects, or trying to complete a short-term project, you have to balance the need for expanding your business with the demands for the safety and security of your team. Finding the right safety professionals isn’t always easy, [...]

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An Overview of the Industry-Specific Safety Program

In an effort to encourage employers to explore and utilize more of the safety services and programs administered by their Division of Safety and Hygiene (DSH), the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) developed the Industry-Specific Safety Program (ISSP). The aim of the program is to raise awareness about industry-specific safety issues among employers and [...]

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5 Holiday Safety and Wellness Tips

With autumn upon us at last, the holiday season is just around the corner, bringing with it additional workplace safety concerns. Between holiday parties, an increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and environmental hazards, employers and employees must be vigilant to avoid accidents and injuries while working. Here are 5 holiday safety and wellness tips [...]

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Beyond Workers’ Comp: School Safety and Security Grant Program

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC) primary focus is on protecting the interests of injured workers across the state. They also understand that safety and security are equally important in preventing injuries. In an effort to reduce and eliminate injuries and illnesses associated with providing childhood educational services, the BWCs School Safety and Security [...]

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Combating Drug Use in the Workplace

As an employer, you have a duty to protect the health and safety of your employees in the workplace. With drug use and abuse constantly making headlines, the need for employers to help combat drug abuse has never been greater. Early intervention and efforts to limit drug use and abuse can be successful in protecting [...]

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Workplace Violence: Know the Warning Signs

Workplace violence can seemingly strike without warning. While disagreements between coworkers are common in the workplace, there has been a marked increase in the number of worker-on-worker violence incidents in the last 25 years. From verbal abuse and vandalism of personal property to physical altercations and bringing a weapon into the workplace, workplace violence is [...]

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