5 Ways to Decrease Workplace Accidents

While some workplace accidents happen completely by chance, many are completely avoidable. Preventing all accidents in the workplace may not be possible, but there are many steps that employers and managers can take to reduce their frequency. Here are 5 ways to decrease accidents and increase safety in the workplace. #1: Discourage Shortcuts In a [...]

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Fresh Safety Meeting Topics

Safety meetings are an excellent opportunity for supervisors, managers, and safety leaders to provide updates about workplace safety concerns, industry topics, and other information to employees within the company. However, when the same topics are hashed out year after year, the effectiveness of safety meetings can quickly diminish. Mix up your safety meetings with these [...]

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Reducing Drug Use in the Workplace

Drug use continues to be a major concern for business owners, managers, and safety team members. Keeping employees safe in the workplace can be a difficult task, but dealing with employees who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances can add a significant amount of additional complication. If you’re ready to get [...]

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Employee Cold Weather Safety

Beyond being intensely uncomfortable, working outdoors in cold weather can also be extremely dangerous. With the threats of frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, and numbness, employees must be vigilant to avoid the dangers of working outdoors. Here are 5 tips to stay safe when the temperature starts to drop. Layer up Employers should provide proper protective equipment, [...]

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Improve Your Workplace Safety Standards

Creating a safer work environment is an ongoing process. Rather than resting on a clean record or just doing the bare minimum to get by, workplace safety should be a process of continuous improvement. By implementing strategies that help employees put safety at the core of all they do, companies can quickly improve their workplace [...]

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Empower Your Team to Create a Safer Work Environment

Workplace safety is a team effort, requiring buy-in from employees at all levels. While many companies stress the importance of safety at the management level, regular employees are rarely given a voice in the safety process. Encourage them to be part of your overall safety improvement strategy by voicing concerns or pointing out problems and, [...]

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Safety Concerns by Industry

While most businesses share similar general safety concerns, each industry has specific hazards that employees and employers must be vigilant to avoid. Workplace injuries can cause significant disruption and trauma for the injured worker and their family, fellow employees, and the company. With a focus on making all workplaces safer, reducing injuries, and helping employers [...]

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On-Demand Safety Staffing Solution

For businesses of all sizes, success brings both excitement and headaches. When you’re growing, taking on new long-term projects, or trying to complete a short-term project, you have to balance the need for expanding your business with the demands for the safety and security of your team. Finding the right safety professionals isn’t always easy, [...]

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An Overview of the Industry-Specific Safety Program

In an effort to encourage employers to explore and utilize more of the safety services and programs administered by their Division of Safety and Hygiene (DSH), the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) developed the Industry-Specific Safety Program (ISSP). The aim of the program is to raise awareness about industry-specific safety issues among employers and [...]

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