Hot Topics for Your Next Safety Meeting

A regular safety meeting is a crucial component of every businesses’ safety program. These meetings provide management the opportunity to share important information about industry-specific safety precautions, while also allowing employees to share workplace safety concerns or provide safety improvement ideas. Workplace accidents can occur any time, anywhere. Providing your employees with the latest information [...]

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Cold Weather Safety Checklist

Freezing winter temperatures bring with them many cold weather safety hazards for your employees, visitors, and customers. In addition to the standard slip and fall injuries, business owners also need to be concerned with cold weather health risks and damage to your business. A little advanced planning can help you prepare for even the worst [...]

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Parking Lot Perils to Watch Out For

When you think about workplace accidents or safety hazards, it can be easy to overlook a common injury site – parking lots. From slips and falls to vehicles sliding on ice and break-ins, parking lots present a perilous area for employees, visitors, and customers alike. Protect the safety of those on your premises and the [...]

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3 Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace violence poses a significant threat to the safety of your workplace. Of the 4,679 fatal workplace injuries reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2014, 403 were workplace homicides. While some things, like reducing falls and removing fire hazards, may be pretty obvious objectives for your safety committee, [...]

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3 Most Avoidable Workplace Accidents

Accidents occur in nearly every workplace, across all industries. While these accidents may seem like an inevitable component of the modern workplace, the truth is that many are entirely avoidable. Proper training, identification of the causes of these incidents, and implementing steps to help prevent them can go a long way in decreasing your workplace [...]

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Tips for More Effective Safety Meetings

Whether or not your company provides effective safety meetings can have a significant impact on the culture of safety within your company. Rather than just talking about safety, effective meetings allow your committee members to become truly engaged in creating a safer work environment for everyone in the company. Getting the most out of your [...]

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Ohio BWC: Opioid Workplace Safety Pilot Program

As our state’s opioid epidemic continues to touch so many lives and impact our community in fundamental ways, including our business sectors, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has decided to partner with the Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) board to help turn the crisis around. The Opioid Workplace Safety Program [...]

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