Ohio Workers’ Comp

Meet Our Ohio Workers’ Compensation Team

Shelli Hensley Operations Manager

Shelli Hensley

Vice President

Shelli has been with Sheakley since 2000 and has held several key positions, including Account Manager and Comprehensive Risk Strategist. Currently, Shelli is the Operations Manager for the workers’ compensation state-fund and self-insured claims management and client service teams. Shelli is responsible for operational systems, processes and policies with the goal of increasing effectiveness and efficiency with the team as well as ensuring overall client satisfaction. In 2015, Shelli worked closely with our IT Development Team and oversaw the implementation of a new state of the art claims management system. She assisted with the customization of the system including the design of reports, best practice workflows, and the overall required standards within the system. Shelli has vast experience working with many private and public employers and is very knowledgeable in the claim and rate practices necessary for the management of workers’ compensation programs.

Ginny Prokes Account Executive Manager

Ginny Prokes

Operations Manager

Ginny has 34 years’ experience in Ohio workers’ compensation with 32 of those years with Sheakley. In her current role as an Operations Manager, Ginny supervises all team members responsible for Industrial Commission (IC) of Ohio hearing scheduling and attendance. In addition, Ginny represents numerous employers before the IC, she acts as the one-point of contact for numerous Sheakley clients (including large public and private employers), attends adjudication hearings before the Industrial Commission, manages and attends unemployment adjudication hearings, and is a BWC approved Drug Free Workplace trainer. Ginny studied at American Institute of Paralegal Studies and Notre Dame College.

Adam Woodward Operations Manager Unemployment

Adam Woodward

Operations Manager/Business Analyst

Adam has been with Sheakley since 2009. Prior to Adam’s career in the private industry, he served 8 years at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. As the Operations Manager for the Unemployment division, Adam is responsible for the oversight of all activities related to unemployment claims management, rating and hearings. He also attends the monthly Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Board meetings representing Sheakley as a stakeholder for their clients, performs quarterly workers’ compensation seminars to educate Ohio employers on various workers’ compensation and unemployment subjects, and speaks at association and law firm events on workers’ compensation topics.

Tiffany Hensley Client Services Manager

Tiffany Hensley

Operations Manager, Workers’ Comp

Tiffany has been with Sheakley since 2002. Prior to coming to Sheakley, she was a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Ohio for 2 years, specializing in workers’ compensation fraud. She has a Criminal Justice, Forensics degree from the University of Cincinnati. Tiffany has held many positions at Sheakley including Hearing Coordinator and Account Manager. Currently, as a Client Services Manager, she works with her team members to offer the highest level of customer service to all Sheakley clients. Tiffany embraces Sheakley’s core values, including acting with a charitable spirit. She volunteers for the United Way, Lighthouse Youth Services, Ohio 4-H, and the Clermont County Chamber Work Readiness Program, working with high school students to help prepare them for college and the workplace.

Brenda Scalf Client Services Manager

Brenda Scalf

Operations Manager

Brenda joined the Sheakley team in 2001 and became an Account Manager in June of 2005. In 2007, Brenda was given the opportunity to work with approximately 100 schools districts and discovered the unique challenges that they face and the need to find creative solutions. In 2010, Brenda also began working with several large Ohio universities. Through their collaborative partnership, Brenda explored multiple options to incorporate into their Collective Bargaining Agreements such as drug testing, physical fitness exams, salary continuation, and the effects on their workers’ comp programs. In 2014, Brenda moved into her Client Services Manager role, where she continued working directly with clients to keep up to date on claims management strategies. When the BWC implemented the Non-At-Fault rule for motor vehicle accidents in July 2017, Brenda developed internal processes for our Subrogation Specialists in order to maximize this benefit for Ohio employers.

Christina Anderson Account Manager

Christina Anderson

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Christina joined the Sheakley team in 2014 as a Senior Account Manager with 25 years of experience in Ohio Workers’ Compensation. Her workers’ comp journey began as a paralegal where she spent 10 years with law firms, handling both plaintiff and defense work. Prior to joining Sheakley, Christina spent 10 years as the Risk Management Specialist for a large public employer in Cleveland, Ohio. She gained experience with investigation and claims management under an Individual Retrospective Rating program, reviewing medical records, facilitating a Transitional Work Program, and attending hearings before the Industrial Commission. Christina also has extensive knowledge in the area of Ohio’s Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP) reporting and recordkeeping. Christina has a B.A. from Bowling Green State University and a Paralegal Certificate from Myers College.

Kaitlyn Bauer Account Manager

Kaitlyn Bauer

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Kaitlyn joined Sheakley in 2014 as a Claims Administrator and has acknowledged great experience in Ohio Workers Compensation. While in the Claims Administrator role, she handled the 15K Medical Bill program which included re-pricing medical bills at BWC rate, creating vouchers for payment, excel reports, and tracking costs on claims to ensure our employer’s do not exceed bill payments over $15,000. Kaitlyn’s main focus is taking care of her client’s needs efficiently and timely. Kaitlyn also attended Health Management courses at Miami University.

Amber Blunk Account Manager

Amber Blunk

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Amber joined Sheakley in 2002 and moved into her current role as an Account Manager in 2009. She is experienced with both private and public employers and has a thorough knowledge of both rate and claim issues. Amber works closely with over 100 school districts and has a complete understanding of the challenges that they face. Amber enjoys building relationships with her clients and strives to give them the best customer service possible.

Tracy Brewster Account Manager

Tracy Brewster

Account Manager, Unemployment

Tracy joined Sheakley over 14 years ago as a Claims Review Specialist for the Managed Care Organization. A year later, she moved her career to Sheakley’s Third Party Administrator and accepted the position of Unemployment Insurance Consultant. Tracy holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and uses her leadership skills and years of experience to assist her clients through difficult unemployment claims while working toward successful outcomes. Prior to Sheakley, Tracy was an Adult Case Manager for a county organization where she assisted and educated individuals with disabilities in obtaining housing, transportation and improving their life skills.

Denise Brownstone Account Manager

Denise Brownstone

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Denise has been working in her Account Manager role with Sheakley since 2010 and oversees the management of employer workers’ compensation programs. With more than 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Denise uses her experience in account management, project management, and communications to provide in-depth knowledge for detailed review and appropriate recommendations related to employer workers’ compensation claims. Prior to Sheakley, Denise was a Sr. Pharmacy Account Manager at a leading pharmacy benefit manager and then moved into a lead account management role as Sr. Account Manager responsible for retention and growth of existing medical, pharmacy, vision and dental benefits. Denise holds a B.S. degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Tamala Evans RN Consultant

Tamala Evans

Client Services Manager, Workers’ Comp

Tamala joined the team in 2017 as an RN Consultant/Account Manager. She is a Registered Nurse and holds an Associate’s degree in Nursing from Galen College of Nursing. Tamala came to Sheakley as an RN Case Manager in the Managed Care Organization where she used her healthcare knowledge and assessment skills to improve injured workers’ return to work outcomes. Prior to Sheakley, she worked in homecare as a Clinical Educator/QA Coordinator as well as a field Case Manager. She has more than 10 years of experience as a nurse where she gained valuable knowledge and exceptional assessment skills. Tamala’s clinical background includes workers’ comp, home care, dialysis, medical/surgical, case management, infusion nursing, geriatric psych and pediatrics. She has a good understanding of both the financial and clinical sides of a workers’ comp claim.

Sandy Henry Account Manager

Sandy Henry

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Sandy joined Sheakley in 2005 as a Claims Review Specialist in the Managed Care Organization and in 2007, moved to a Client Relations Manager position. In 2011, Sandy accepted the position of Account Manager, where she currently oversees the management of her clients’ Workers’ Compensation program. Sandy has a deep desire is to build strong working relationships with her clients and provide the best customer service possible. Prior to joining Sheakley, Sandy spent 25 years in district and regional operations management for various retailers. Sandy has a B.S. degree from Illinois State University.

Brooke Linville Account Manager

Brooke Linville

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Since joining the Sheakley team in 2000, Brooke has held several key positions within the Workers’ Compensation Division, including Settlement Coordinator and Claims Administrator. In 2003, Brooke moved into the Account Manager position working with employers of all sizes and in all industries. Brooke has extensive knowledge in the claims management of Workers’ Compensation in both the state-fund and self-insured programs. Throughout her years at Sheakley, Brooke has focused on developing personal relationships with her clients and sticks to the belief that honesty is the best policy. She is very organized and efficient, has a great sense of urgency, respect for human dignity and excellent customer service skills.

Tina Mayo Account Manager

Tina Mayo

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp

Tina has more than 20 years of experience in Ohio Workers’ Compensation. She joined the Sheakley team in 2015 as a Sr. Account Manager. Prior to joining Sheakley, Tina worked as a Case Examiner with a Managed Care Organization and spent 10 years with a Third Party Administrator. There she gained experience with investigating and managing claims and representing employers at hearings before the Industrial Commission of Ohio. She has experience working with both State Fund and Self-Insured employers. Tina has a complete understanding of both claim and rate issues which helps her guide university and private employers through the complexity of the workers’ compensation system.

Anita Miracle Account Manager

Anita Miracle

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp (Self-Insured)

Anita has been with Sheakley since 1996. During her tenure, she has held a number of positions. Her knowledge and expertise allows her to thoroughly manage claims from inception through claim resolution. Anita has held memberships with the Central Ohio Self-Insurers Association and Southwest Ohio Self-Insurers Association. These are two organizations providing ongoing assistance and education opportunities for the self-insured community.

Diane Plymire Account Manager Unemployment

Diane Plymire

Account Manager, Unemployment

Diane joined the Sheakley team when Sheakley acquired J. Forman & Associates. Diane has worked with a full spectrum of employers, from small private businesses to major national employers with claims filed in all 50 states and across many industries. Diane specializes in reimbursing employers and Diane also administers work opportunity tax credits for several of her employers, offering insight into hiring decisions and tax break opportunities. During the last two years, Diane has been able to obtain numerous tax credits for clients, saving them thousands of dollars in costs. She has utilized her Associate’s Degree in Business from the University of Cincinnati to become a well-respected unemployment account manager.

Jennifer Prather RN Case Manager

Jennifer Prather

RN Case Manager, Workers’ Comp (Self-Insured)

Jennifer joined the Sheakley team in 2016 as a Nurse Case Manager in the Self-Insured Division. She works closely with account managers, helping to decide appropriate treatment plans for injured workers. Prior to Sheakley, Jennifer worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for 10 years. Also, during her time at Children’s, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio University. After leaving Children’s, Jennifer worked at the Urology Group as the OSHA and Compliance nurse providing training and education to employees. Throughout her work in these various capacities, Jennifer has gained valuable knowledge in healthcare management trends.

Lynn Saastad Account Manager

Lynn Saastad

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp (Self-Insured)

In 2001, Lynn joined the Sheakley team and soon after, moved into account management, working closely with employers in rate and risk analysis and strategy, as well as day to day claims management. Lynn loves working as a team with her clients to manage potentially costly claims right out of the gate, educating her clients on cost control strategies, and meeting with them if needed to solidify the relationship. Prior to joining Sheakley, Lynn worked as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) for 11 years. Lynn’s background in nursing is invaluable not only to her colleagues, but to her clients in education and analysis of the anatomy and physiology of injury mechanism as well as injury management. Lynn has extensive experience working with public entities and her clients include several large Ohio cities.

Hilary Schille Account Manager

Hilary Schille

Account Manager, Workers’ Comp (Self-Insured)

Hilary joined the Sheakley team in 2003. She was promoted to her current position in 2009 and has been managing accounts for more than eight years. Hilary is responsible for all claims management of the clients she represents. Her responsibilities include certification and rejection of claims, making decisions on treatment requests, setting wages, determining the cost of the claim to set reserves, determining appropriate plans of action to help manage the claims efficiently, setting up Independent Medical Examinations, filing motions/appeals, and visiting with clients and participating in BWC audits.

Sharon Siwinski Account Executive

Sharon Siwinski

Account Executive, Workers’ Comp

Sharon has over 28 years of industry experience, with 25 years at Sheakley. She has a diverse background in workers’ compensation, representing both the employer and the injured employee. She also has experience in risk management, client services, and rehabilitation for both state funded and self-insured Ohio employers. Sharon has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science from Youngstown State University and she is a certified instructor for the Ohio BWC’s Drug Free Safety Program.

Lori Spinnenweber Account Executive

Lori Spinnenweber

Account Executive, Workers’ Comp

Lori joined the Sheakley team an amazing 33 years ago in 1989, beginning her career as an Account Manager. Lori quickly recognized how just one claim can affect a small employer in a big way and she feels that educating clients on what they can do to lower their workers’ compensation premiums is one of her most important responsibilities. As an Account Executive since 1990, Lori has spent much of her time at the Industrial Commissions in the southwest portion of the state. She has developed a good rapport with hearing officers, as well as claimant attorneys, which helps in negotiating settlements and gathering information prior to a hearing. Lori holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Otterbein College.

Miranda Wilson Account Manager

Miranda Wilson

Client Services Manager

Miranda began her career at Sheakley in 2006 as a Defense Specialist preparing workers’ compensation files for hearings before the Industrial Commission. In 2007, while working at Sheakley, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati. She moved into her current role as a Senior Account Manager in 2009. Miranda’s priority is to reduce workers’ compensation costs for private and public Ohio employers. She understands the complex issues that employers face within the workers’ compensation system. Miranda also participates in the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Work Readiness Program as a mentor for high schools students, helping them prepare for college and entry into the workforce.