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Our program provides a return to work solution for employers who struggle with accommodating light duty work restrictions. We assist our clients by temporarily placing disabled workers with nonprofit organizations using our national network. This promotes expedited return to work, which reduces overall employment and claims costs. It also allows employees to stay engaged and productive during their disability period.

  • Expedited return to work
    • Placements generally occur within no more than 2 business days, even in remote or low population areas
    • Statistically only 50% of employees return to work after 6 months of disability
    • By eliminating disability periods, employers return more employees to full duty after their disability period and generally experience lower turnover
  • Reduced OSHA reportable days
    • Eliminating OSHA reportable lost days will improve their overall return to work rate
  • Claim and Premium Savings
    • By keeping employees in a modified duty position, employers reduce indemnity costs paid, which ultimately impacts premium liability
    • Keeping employees active has proven to reduce long term medical costs in disability claims
  • Greater social responsibility
    • By using nonprofits, employers are able to keep their employees working while providing a volunteer workforce to their community organizations
  • Promoting a return to work culture for workforce
    • MDOS programs help employers provide a positive message to their organization that they promote return to work solutions and community involvement
  • No loss of wages or benefit
    • Full wages and employment benefits are paid during the disability period
    • Employee doesn’t suffer financial burden, they maintain loyalty to their employer and are less likely to seek legal counsel
  • Remain productive during disability
    • By working in roles that meet their physical restrictions, employees are able to remain gainfully employed without the risk of injury during their recovery period
  • Reduced disability period
    • Because employees remain gainfully employed, they are less likely to develop a “disability syndrome” in which they become accustom to remaining off work
  • Greater social responsibilty
    • Employees are able to provide a valuable service to social causes in their community
  • Improved sense of value
    • When employees are giving back to their community, they often have a sense of accomplishment and purpose

Industries we serve include:

  • Staffing
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing and service
  • Construction
  • Employers with field service personnel
  • Moving companies
  • First responders and public service
  • Mining

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