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Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes can be some of the most expensive costs of doing business in Ohio. Create a tailored plan of action to help mitigate these costs.

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Get the Workers’ Compensation Rates You Deserve

Cost mitigation is critical to the success of any business. Our Ohio workers’ compensation experts will guide you through the discount and refund programs available to you to ensure your participation in the program that make the most sense for your business, enabling greater control of your cash flow.

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Workers’ Compensation & Unemployment Management

Specialized teams to help administer handicap reimbursements, lump sum settlements, tax and rate underwriting, and hearing representation, giving our clients individualized focus on each aspect of their programs.

workers’ compensation

We specialize in every facet of Ohio workers’ compensation

From State Fund to Self Insurance, our team of experts are well versed in all aspects of Ohio workers’ compensation. Serving employers since 1963, our industry leading solutions ensure you are getting the lowest rates across the state.

  • A strategic partner for all of your workers’ comp needs
  • Access to group rating discounts and group retro refund programs
  • Risk management consulting and claims administration
  • Development of workers’ comp cost control strategies
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For nearly 25 years Sheakley has been a partner in assisting Gold Star Chili supporting our Safety, MCO & TPA program efforts.

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Kim Olden

VP Human Resources, Gold Star Chili

Unemployment management

Experts to guide you through the complex world of unemployment regulations

State unemployment regulations are complex, confusing, and can be a source of endless frustration for employers. Our Unemployment Services clear the confusion and provide you all the tools you need to ensure your claims are handled promptly and thoroughly.

  • Timely management of your contestable claims
  • Monitoring of your account to ensure you never overpay
  • Hearing representatives available to participate in hearings
  • …and more

Over 16,000 Employers Protected

From State Funded to Self-Insurance

  • Group rating and group retrospective rating
  • Claims management and nurse case management
  • Attorney hearing representation
  • Assistance with $15k Medical Only Program
  • Self-insured program administration
  • Internal Audits, State and Federal Filings
  • …and more

Workers Compensation is Confusing

If all the terminology, rules, and regulations have you confused, our Complete Guide makes it easy to understand Workers Compensation in the Buckeye State.

  • A strategic partner for all of your HR needs
  • Protect your company and team from the unexpected
  • Top benefit packages to keep and maintain great employees
  • Get your employees back to work as safely as possible


    Ohio’s Most Trusted Workers’ Compensation Provider for over 55 years.

    From Cincinnati to Cleveland, we believe that there’s no better place to build a business, or be a good neighbor. At Sheakley, our #1 priority is making our economy the best in the country by serving small businesses like yours.

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    At Sheakley, we collaborate with our clients to free them from the stress of workers’ compensation and unemployment administration so they can see their vision for sustainable growth fulfilled.

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    Develop a tailored solution that best fits your company today and tomorrow.
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      Temporary Authorization to Review Information – AC-3

      To check your eligibility for our group, group retro and other programs, please enter and submit the information below.

      Ohio BWC AC-3 Form
      Entering your name in the First and Last Name fields constitutes your electronic signature.

      Note: For this to be a valid letter, the self-insured department for self-insured employers, or the employer services department for all other employers, must stamp it. Being temporary in nature, BWC will not record via computer or retain this authorization. Representative must possess a copy when requesting service relative to the authority granted therein.
      This is to certify that Sheakley Uniservice, Inc 370-80, including its agents or representatives identified to you by them, has been retained to review and perform studies on certain workers’ compensation matters on our behalf.
      The limited letter of authority provides access to the following        
      types of information relating to our account:
      1. Risk Files;
      2. Claim Files;
      3. Merit-related or non-merit related experiences;
      4. Other associated data.
      This authorization does not include the authority to:
      1. Review protest letters;
      2. File protest letters;
      3. File form Application for Handicap Reimbursement (CHP- 4);
      4. Notice of Appeal (IC-12) or Partial Reconsideration (IC- 88);
      5. File self-insurance applications;
      6. Represent the employer at hearings;
      7. Pursue other similar actions on behalf of the employer.
      Completion of the temporary authorization provides a third-party administrator (TPA) limited authority to view an employer’s payroll and loss experience. By signing the AC-3, the employer grants permission to the BWC to release information to the employer’s authorized representative(s). The form allows a TPA to view an employer’s information regarding payroll, claims and experience modification.
      Attention Group Rating Prospects 
      • Employers may complete the AC-3 for as many TPAs or group-rating sponsors they feel are necessary to obtain quotes for a group-rating program.

      • Group sponsors must notify all current group members if they will not accept them for the next group-rating year. The deadline for this notification is prior to the last business day in October for private employers and prior to the last business day in April for public employers.

      • All potential group-rating prospects must have:
        • Active BWC coverage status as of the application deadline;
        • Active coverage from the application deadline through the group rating year;
        • No outstanding balances;
        • Operations similar in nature to the other members of their group.
      • Any changes to a group member’s policy will affect the group policy. Changes can result in either debits or credits to each of the members.
      I understand this authorization is limited and temporary in nature and will expire automatically nine months from the date received by the employer services or self-insured departments, whichever is appropriate. In either case, the length of authorization will not exceed nine months.
      Testimonial Image

      For nearly 25 years Sheakley has been a partner in assisting Gold Star Chili supporting our Safety, MCO & TPA program efforts.

      Kim Olden, VP Human Resources, Gold Star Chili