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Workers’ compensation costs can be among the most complicated and expensive parts of doing business. We’ve worked with over 16,000 employers on all of their workers’ compensation needs since 1963 and we’re honored for the opportunity to do the same for you.

Costly Workers’ Compensation claims filed in 2015-16

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Motor vehicle crashes

$73,000 per claim

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Slip and falls

$46,000 per claim

Based on a study by National Safety Council

Breaking Things Down

The Costs of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation assures that injured workers get the medical care and compensation they need after getting hurt on the job.

  • Ohio law requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance for their entire workforce, quickly adding up to become a significant expense.
  • Using a number of factors, the Ohio BWC determines an employer’s rate based on the work being done and the level of injury risk associated with it.
  • Partnering with a Third Party Administrator (TPA) like Sheakley, gives you access to a wide variety of programs to minimize these costs.

Through Sheakley, you get access to a team of people with decades of combined experience between them – all of whom are dedicated to conducting a holistic review of the programs available to you so that you can make the best decision possible at all times and save a significant amount of money in the process.

Net cost of total premiums


Based on a study by Insurance Information Institute

Group Rating and Group Retrospective Rating Policy Administration

State Funded Workers’ Compensation

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Group Rating Program Administration

A Group Rating discount program enables employers to group together by a similar industry and act as if they were one large company. This allows state-funded employers with minimal claim activity to pool together, ensuring they get access to lower premium costs by securing a larger discount than what they would receive individually.

  • Combining claim history and rate calculations allows employers to take advantage of premium savings typically reserved for large organizations.
  • Private employers can save up to a maximum of 53% (59% for Public Employers) of their state-funded premiums by pursuing opportunities like these – and that is exactly what we want to help you do.
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Group Retro Program Administration

A Group Retro program is a performance-based incentive program created for employers to recover a large amount of their premium across three evaluation periods after the policy year ends. Employers will continue to pay their own individual premium with the opportunity to receive refund payments based on the performance of the group.

  • 12, 24, & 36 months after the policy year, the BWC reviews the group’s claim history to determine the total group’s retrospective premium and if the retrospective premium is lower than the standard premium, a refund will be distributed to participants.
  • This program provides many incentives to minimizing claim activity to help control and reduce loses – and we are here to help you maximize your savings potential.

If you’d like to get your free quote and thorough claims analysis, you can contact one of our Workers’ Compensation Specialists

Meet Our Workers’ Compensation Team

We focus on creating a seamless experience for our clients to help them navigate the complicated world of workers’ compensation. Our team brings with them an unmatched wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to help achieve that goal.

Shelli Hensley Operations Manager
Brenda Scalf Client Services Manager
Tiffany Hensley Client Services Manager
Ginny Prokes Account Executive Manager
State Funded Workers’ Compensation

The Benefits

Sheakley can partner with your organization to create a tailored Plan of Action that is perfectly suited for your every need. We’re capable of assisting in a wide range of different areas including:

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Claims Management

Professional guidance on factors like claim investigations, wage continuation, return-to-work options, vocational rehab, and more.

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A dedicated team of professionals to assist employers with the settlement of claims

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Underwriting & rating issues

Provide assistance to analyze the many different BWC programs like the One Claim Program, EM Capping, Destination Excellence, and more.

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Continued Education

Provide ongoing advice and recommendations based on any BWC updates and new programs that are instituted.

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Hearing representation

Access to a committed team, including several attorneys on staff, who attend Industrial Commission hearings throughout the state.

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Handicap reimbursement

Access to a dedicated team of experts who will review all eligible claims for potential handicap reimbursements due to a pre-existing condition.

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$15,000 Medical Only Administration

Review and pre-price medical bills to the BWC fee schedule, supply vouchers for each medical bill, and provide an annual financial analysis with customized reports

hear it from our circle

For nearly 25 years Sheakley has been a partner in assisting Gold Star Chili supporting our Safety, MCO & TPA program efforts.

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Kim Olden

VP Human Resources, Gold Star Chili

Let’s Navigate the Complexities, Together


Our dedicated staff is also prepared to assist you in the development and administration of our Self-Insurance program. Not only can we help with claims and case management, but we also provide guidance in the following:

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Medical Bill Adjudication

Review bills for accuracy, relatedness to the allowed conditions and more.

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Internal Audits

Conduct internal reviews of claims to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed

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Medicare Reporting

Create the proper safeguards against unauthorized use and disclosure of data that is sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – this is critical to Section 111 Mandatory Reporting

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Annual Federal and State Filings

Our staff will generate and produce all required forms to file your annual 1099’s with the IRS and file your Report of Compensation form to the BWC on your behalf


The Partner You Need When You Need Us the Most

When you partner with Sheakley, you get access to a dedicated team of professionals who have decades of combined experience between them.

  • For over 55 years, we have assisted businesses both large and small with navigating these complexities all across Ohio.
  • Not only can we help make sure that you and your people are protected, we also take the administrative burden off your plate.
  • Get back to what you do best – running the organization you’ve always dreamed of, free from worry or compromise.
From safety to compliance & everything in between

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    Temporary Authorization to Review Information – AC-3

    To check your eligibility for our group, group retro and other programs, please enter and submit the information below.

    Ohio BWC AC-3 Form
    Entering your name in the First and Last Name fields constitutes your electronic signature.

    Note: For this to be a valid letter, the self-insured department for self-insured employers, or the employer services department for all other employers, must stamp it. Being temporary in nature, BWC will not record via computer or retain this authorization. Representative must possess a copy when requesting service relative to the authority granted therein.
    This is to certify that Sheakley Uniservice, Inc 370-80, including its agents or representatives identified to you by them, has been retained to review and perform studies on certain workers’ compensation matters on our behalf.
    The limited letter of authority provides access to the following        
    types of information relating to our account:
    1. Risk Files;
    2. Claim Files;
    3. Merit-related or non-merit related experiences;
    4. Other associated data.
    This authorization does not include the authority to:
    1. Review protest letters;
    2. File protest letters;
    3. File form Application for Handicap Reimbursement (CHP- 4);
    4. Notice of Appeal (IC-12) or Partial Reconsideration (IC- 88);
    5. File self-insurance applications;
    6. Represent the employer at hearings;
    7. Pursue other similar actions on behalf of the employer.
    Completion of the temporary authorization provides a third-party administrator (TPA) limited authority to view an employer’s payroll and loss experience. By signing the AC-3, the employer grants permission to the BWC to release information to the employer’s authorized representative(s). The form allows a TPA to view an employer’s information regarding payroll, claims and experience modification.
    Attention Group Rating Prospects 
    • Employers may complete the AC-3 for as many TPAs or group-rating sponsors they feel are necessary to obtain quotes for a group-rating program.

    • Group sponsors must notify all current group members if they will not accept them for the next group-rating year. The deadline for this notification is prior to the last business day in October for private employers and prior to the last business day in April for public employers.

    • All potential group-rating prospects must have:
      • Active BWC coverage status as of the application deadline;
      • Active coverage from the application deadline through the group rating year;
      • No outstanding balances;
      • Operations similar in nature to the other members of their group.
    • Any changes to a group member’s policy will affect the group policy. Changes can result in either debits or credits to each of the members.
    I understand this authorization is limited and temporary in nature and will expire automatically nine months from the date received by the employer services or self-insured departments, whichever is appropriate. In either case, the length of authorization will not exceed nine months.
    Testimonial Image

    Sunrise has been with Sheakley over a quarter of a century. We would never consider moving to another provider and would encourage other companies out there looking for someone to take care of them to come over to Sheakley. They have your best interest at heart. Thank you Sheakley!

    Lindy Vogelsong , from Sunrise Equipment Company